Tuesday, November 29, 2016

This Can't be happening (Book Review)

Book details

Title – It can’t be happening
Author – Dr.Neha Singh  
Genre – Fiction
Publisher – White Falcon Publishing  
No of pages – 188

Its simple story about a simple girl called Lavanya who is studying biotechnology. A common girl who has friends for life and one of her close pals, Shreya understands her feelings so well and always take good care of her. Lavanya have ambitions and dreams just like any other girl. When all her days are ordinary, someone special comes in her way called Siddhartha introduced by her best friend. Unaware of the fact that whatever she had shared with her friend would soon become reality.

The story related to any common girl. The story is about varied human emotions. Will Lavanya finally get love of her life? Will she be able to fulfill all her dreams and keep parents happy? Will this leading lady of the story write success story of her life or end up bruised and battered?

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Lavanya is an everyday character who sees, live and feel emotions just like any other girl of her age. Her ambitions, her passion towards her work; her unconditional love and respect for her parents and her hopes of getting love lurks somewhere in her heart even though she denies that she doesn’t believe in love.

She is a typical girl with a story of nobody and yet everybody’s. She also has secrets that come with certain sequences. Yes, it is a love story with different angle and I would recommend this copy due to two reasons. One reason is because of author’s writing style which is extremely simple to understand. Another reason is to read your own story through the words of an author.
Author’s attempt is highly appreciated; however, some chapters have lose strands here and there. 

What I liked?
The best part of the novel is the number of poems inserted in between the story. The poems are nicely written and they give extreme relief when one needed to take breathe. 

Book Cover
The book cover isn’t enticing enough but the title does the justice to the story. 

The moral of the story
Read if you think you’re a girl next-door type! 

My rating

About the author
This can't be happening, a novel is written by Dr Neha Singh inspired by her time as a research scholar in Panjab University, Chandigarh
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