Saturday, March 4, 2017

I have just 9 more months (Short Story)

"I have just 9 more months" she thought

“I have just 9 more months to achieve what I want” she thought to herself. She knew the time was skipping from her hand. She was already 31 & she was yet to prove her worth to herself and to her dominating family. For her, getting married was certainly an utmost priority but then she was struggling to accomplish her dreams. 

“How long do I have to wait? Isn’t it too much to test someone’s patience?” she vented her anger at herself and cursed her destiny. 

She dreamed of becoming a good writer and at the same time a wife to someone who can understand her ambitions, her dreams. After all, dreams that all she had to hold on. Her family never supported to her less monetary dreams. For them earning money & getting married was more important than someone struggling to achieve artistic dreams. 

They were more money-oriented while she was artist by heart, mind & soul. Books were her prized possession to keep her going.  
Every day she would wake up to go office, do work, and come home. During day her work kept her busy but nights kept her wandering about her future. She knew, she had that skill but didn’t know how much it was going to take.
No matter what she put efforts but she could never earn money to live a decent life. In fact, her credit cards bills were piling up day by day & so were the problems. 

Months were passing but she didn’t lose hope. She kept writing short stories, working to improve her site & put 110% efforts. She knew hard work & her persistency would win her this race of time. 

Voila! The day arrived!

She logged in her ‘Adsense account’ & to her surprise, she finally achieved 100% threshold that took almost years. Within 9 months she finally got her account credited with Rs.7, 000. The amount was meager but her happiness touched the sky. It’s because soon her money problems were going to end. Her blog started earning decent traffic. Her writing was soon started appreciated by many. 
She was no longer an unknown writer. She was one who gave a deadline of 9 months to herself. She achieved what she wanted. She bore the fruit of her hard work in the form of her accomplished dream. 

Now her world is full of happiness!

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

“Believe in yourself & the world will be yours.”


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