Wednesday, March 7, 2012

You couldnt see....

Whats going on in my mind I don't need to express its all my creative words expresses everything and which speaks the situation of every genuine heart....!

You couldn’t see….

You couldn’t see…
How somebody feels torn n broken
How my tired eyes looking to see love
No matter how old I am
Its matter love not lust, you coward
Bringing tears into those innocent eyes’
you couldn’t see…
Because you thought, it’s just TIMEPASSSS...

Friends are more than soul mates
You thought girls are sexy babes’
I couldn’t see more than that ‘
Bcoz I was too blind to realize
OLDER girls can’t be love topic
Their love just like ghost hopping
But you couldn’t see more than lust
But it was love into their eyes
You couldn’t see…
Because you thought, it’s just TIMEPASSSS…

Learning from your sis that you’re crazy for me
Holding hands to leave easily
Walking hand in hand its just feel  love
But it was all lie from your end
You could see only desperation in me
But couldn’t feel how I much care
 You couldn’t see
Because you thought, it’s just TIMEPASSSS…

Comparing my self to other girls
Its just couldn’t seems to be right
All I want the love pure n bright
But you couldn’t see
Bcoz you thought, its just TIMEPASSSS….

Every moment which spent with you
Gathered all rainbows with hues
But you’re DEALING with my emotions
Just not felt right
Playing with my feelings
You thought,  you have every right
But you couldn’t see tears in my eyes
You couldn’t see
Because you thought, it’s just TIMEPASSSS…..

Asking someone to be virgin or not
Older girls can’t be innocent n hot
But it was all wrong from your side
How could you dare to feel like that?
Except few, all boys are like that
You couldn’t see…
What have I gone through?
You couldn’t see…
Because you thought, it’s just TIMEPASSSS….

Passing the days was not just TIMEPASS
Passing the love game (to your friends)
Is not your birth right
I know, I was wrong on some points
That  doesn’t mean OLDER  girls are mad n wild
Ill show you how to PASS TIME
Loving you is not a Big CRIME
Ill show you how it feels
Its not always sex, what you thinks
When you will realize how it feels torn n broken
When you feel, when you see
But couldn’t see me
Till the time I must have gone
You couldn’t see me
Because what I thought about you
It’s just not TIMEPASSSS…..
you thought, what you thought is crap
sheena is just not timepass…..!

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