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An Exclusive Interview with Indian Bestseller & Amazon Top Listed Author – Sundari Venkatraman

Her writing has kept Indians hooked for a long time. She has been writing & seems that she is unstoppable as once she rides her train of words. The Malhotra Bride, Her Secret Husband, The Madras Affair and The Casanova’s Wife and god knows what not! Her factory of words keep churning out fantastic but mainly romance. 

If Mills & Boon have kept you all intrigued for years, it’s our Indian writer who keeps Indian romance going on. 

I am talking about the one and only Indie author who has managed to write 16 titles and has been a top 100 bestsellers across Amazon India, Amazon USA, UK, Canada, and Australia – “Sundari Venkatraman”.

Indian Bestseller - Sundari Venkatraman

Can you believe that? This author has really got something in her veins. She keeps throwing words that keep you engaged hours by hours.

Interestingly, this down-to-earth personality has finally agreed to interview for my blog and gave her precious time to answer my questions. I feel very obliged that I got an opportunity to interview this renowned author and got to get invaluable insights from her.  

Here’s an exclusive interview of Sundari Venkatraman:

Q. 1: Which authors inspired your writing?
First and foremost it’s Nora Roberts, an author who has published 200+ novels so far and is still writing—her romances are intense and beautiful portraying deep emotions. I would be thrilled if I could churn out half the number of books that she has. 

Secondly, Georgette Heyer, who has written and published 50+ books from the historical romance genre—her dialogues are extremely witty and intelligent. I roll on the floor laughing every time I read her work. 

Finally, it’s JK Rowling. I am an avid fan of the Harry Potter series and believe in the inspiring success and fame of this author. All three of them inspire me totally.

Q. 2: As a child, which books or fictional characters fascinated you the most? 

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Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens and Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare, though I read only many abridged versions of the second. I also loved Phantom and Mandrake comics. 

Q. 3: For writers, they say they need inspiration or an idea to write about it? Where do you usually get your inspiration from?
I started reading romances published by Mills & Boon when I was barely thirteen. I always used to imagine the stories set in India. This was where it all began. Other than that, snippets from newspapers, books I read, films that I watch and the rare TV serial episode that I watch, all make my imagination go haywire.

Q 4: Some writers enjoy writing for a particular genre and some pen down their creative thoughts into almost every genre? What genre you enjoy the most?
I mainly write novels, though I have written and published two short story collections. Matches Made in Heaven is the romance genre and consists of thirteen stories and the other collection called Tales of Sunshine is about human beings, their aspirations, daily life and the challenges they face and how they come out of those. These are tales that give hope and hence the title. I call them human interest stories.

Q. 5: What was the inspiration behind your recent book?

My latest batch of books is a trilogy called The Bansal Legacy. The first one is Simha International and is already published. I am penning the second one called Rose Garden International even as I answer your questions here. I love the atmosphere of 5-star hotels and hence decided to set these three stories in imaginary 5-star hotels that belong to the three Bansal siblings. It was lucky that I got to study two hotels in Mumbai, namely The Orchid, an Ecotel Hotel & JW Marriott. That helped a lot with my writing.

Q. 6: What does your family think of your writing?
My husband does not read books, only newspapers. My son and daughter read on and off, though my daughter has fallen in love with my books. Otherwise, I can say that they are extremely proud of me.

Q. 7: People have high expectations especially from the bestsellers where they keep publishing title after title. So, it is obvious that my readers would like to know about next novel?  
I have been writing and publishing one book every month since June 2016. February 2017 was when I published Simha International (The Bansal Legacy Book #1). I took a 4-week break in between and will be publishing Rose Garden International (The Bansal Legacy Book #2) in April 2017. I will continue to write and publish as and when my books are ready. I have around 14 more ideas chalked out. 

Click here to check out a newspaper article on my book-a-month marathon:

Q. 8: Lastly, what valuable tips you’d like to give to our budding writers?
Write every day, even if you manage to write only 500 words. Practice goes a long way in making a good writer. Read as much as you can. Only reading can make a great writer. 

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