Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hi guys, I wanted to share something with you!
People who knows me since my training days in TCES (My ex-company), they know I write poetries, (Jokes apart, now there is no one left in TCES who were with me in the training except my trainer Serena and Karen from Emails team) but others were not aware of this until one fine day I wrote for Amogh, my ex-supervisor in TCES. When others from my department came to know one of my co-worker from Emails team whose name is Mrs. Sugandh, she told to write a poetry for her as she is a mother of two children and handling so many responsibilities at one go. I thought; why not dedicate my words in the name of Mother whose existence is all over the world, whose upbringing has made our place in this world (especially on Facebook …haaaaaaaa) whose learning has made us strong and successful. So these words of mine I constructed in the name Mrs. Sugandh who is a mother and my ex-coworker.
Here my words dedicated to all those mothers in the world!

Dear Sugandh,

A fragrance of innocence, a reflection of motherhood
Do we care for our mothers whose childhood has spoilt?

Did u see wrinkles on her forehead?
Its care and tension who mother carry to bring you up!

Did u see her tears rolling down?
When you gets hurt!

Did you see her getting anytime helpless?
It’s you helpless, she makes you strong!

Did you see her losing a battle?
No, she is there to fulfill you inside!

Did you see her worries mocking against her?
It’s you, who she is worried all her life!

You share, you yell, you broke her heart
You fight, you scream, you torn her apart!

At times you get break down,
But she is the one who hold you close
Till you cry …!

A mother, who fulfills your joy
A mother, who wishes the best in the world...
A mother, who care, who share and who dare
Who gives all happiness in your life!
It’s my salute to a mother whose Sugandh spreads everywhere!

By Sheetal.

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