Sunday, September 18, 2011

Love is in the air..............Not at all.....................!

 Hi, guys!
                Today for all those people who have experienced LOVE chapter in their life, suffered from great injury called LOVE……….. Made fun of LOVE or cheated someone for LOVE and never understood LOVE ………… I am dedicating this a collection of my favorite messages to all out there who will LOVE it………. This has been a personal experience for me and I know many of us have somewhere,sometime in their life had gone through this beautiful thing yet painful called …….. LOVE…….
            I know, you will love this………!

--> LOVE

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

An Incomplete Love Story

Hi, everyone, I hope everything is going well, today I am going to share a story which I wrote long back ago. I hope so, you guys will enjoy this small and simple story. and plz plz plz comment on it. I am waiting.........

An Incomplete Love Story

He was waiting as usual at the bus stop. He was well dressed, funky yet stylishly combed hair and looking well mannered, smart guy. Looking here and there uselessly, but his eyes were saying different story, as seeking for someone. At last “she” came and he started staring at her hungrily. The hunger of love, not lust……. I can see in his eyes.

                Our first meeting took place at this same bus stop. It was my first day of job, I was coming to the bus -stop where our eyes met, he read into my eyes intense shyness and I read into his eyes immense pleasure of winning heart over heart. From that, it became daily affair for him.

                On the other hand, for me – reading romantic novels, writing fanciful thoughts, daydreaming and thinking about him again and again, etc… etc. so on this side, a bashful affair was going on ……

                I guess, he was quite dumb too. Because staring and throwing stolen glances at me, he did not go further or he might be waiting for my reply. Days were going smoothly, but he could not make courage to ask me even my name. Because I was waiting too. Now it has not been one sided affair…..after all.

One day, he got a chance. I was waiting for my desired bus and wondering why no passenger was there? I saw him, he was coming at the bus stop hurriedly and his face was looking unusually fresh and happy that day. I was glad to see this but he could not make courage on this particular day also. Because He was about to move and would have stood behind me and this would have lead a conversation but suddenly one burly man appeared from nowhere and stood in queue behind me.

                Few days after, I was coming to the bus stop and it was one of heated afternoon, I was amazed to see this, that he was there before any passenger first in queue which was never happen ……..

                 And it was looking shocking for him, when he saw me with my parents and with extra luggage. I was not alone….we were about to leave Delhi as were going to shift Bangalore permanently. Our furniture, other things which was already shifted to our new home to Bangalore. My parents were in such hurry and wanted to reach at the airport as soon as they could. For the first time, I was looking at him. We both looked at each other. We did not avoid eye-contact and he saw a tear into my eyes rolling down helplessly which was never happened before to me…… him……….

By Sheena Sh

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labaugcha Raja


I went with my family to see Lalbaugcha Raja. We were in queue more than 19 hrs, but it was worth a seeing.
The management was so good and we had a very close darshan of Lalbaugcha Raja which is famous for as fulfilling wishes of all. May this Raja brings lots of joy and happiness in our life!
Ganapati Bappa Morya!!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011



I had gone to attend wedding reception at my friend’s place. It was her brother’s wedding reception where satyanarayan pooja was also going to perform. The pooja was going on and guests were flooding in their newly well-furnished, polished and specious home.

The ceremony was kept on terrace; we friends were chattering, laughing and having fun in that newlywed couple’s home. When we took darshan and prashad of pooja, we were about to leave as we were in hurry but we were forced by friend’s family that we should go to home after having dinner there. We once again went up to the terrace and attend whole ceremony and had delicious food we ever had (thank God, we didn’t miss the dinner as it was really delicious food otherwise we would have repented later.) I was so amused to see the glorious and bright side of this house.

But after coming home, suddenly I was force to think over that environment which I was surrounding just before I came in my house. 

I remembered when I and my friend were in college, I always found her depressed. By the time, we became good friends and slowly I came to know her physical problems which were leading her into ugliness of her outer body. Because she had buck teeth that she could not speak properly, while speaking to others she would stammer, for some cause she lost her hair on the middle area of scalp, she was overweight and top of it all she also lost her mom where she was desperately in need of love and care and of course help! Her outer appearance was proving hindrance on her career path as she was lacking of confidence and support and love by her family.

After completing college, she was facing financial problems, where she had to take up a job and I helped her to get good one. But after visiting her house, my mind was full of thoughts and was in shock. I wondered, that having two new big LCD screen TV sets, oven, fridge, large Mahogany cupboards, big stylishly- designed show-cases, from every little to big things were new in their one room –kitchen house, which left me to think that why her parents were so ignorant regarding to her physical problems which was leading her to nothing but the only darkness of her future? Why they were facing financial crisis when it comes to her problems? Why she had to look after herself when her parents, her dad, her brothers and sisters were alive and financially well-settled? Why she was not sharing a space in their own specious home?

When I see that bright house, I also have seen the longtime darkness and hopeless hope lurking in her heart, which was going to rest there forever till her parents won’t realize.

After all, the other side of this brightness always seems to be dark!!!    

Saturday, September 3, 2011

I'll be all right..............!

Then I’ll be all right……..!

Thinking about someone day & night,
By seeing him, my face turns red & bright!

All so lovey-dovey & butterflies,
Why he doesn’t feel, many nights I cried!

Flirting with someone makes me jealous right,
Why is he taking, my feeling so light?

I can’t live without his sight,
Do u guys think so, I’ll be all right???

Hey my friend, tell him how I like,
He is my love, he my life!

Rini, mini, cheeni, weenie, girls worldwide,
Am so simple, will he take me for a ride?

Will he ask me ever, I’ll be excite,
Will he share with me a shevpuri bite?

I’ll be his girlfriend; I’ll be his guide,
Take my words, I’ll never fight!

Will he ever love me, then I’ll be alright,
Then I don’t think so, I’ll do suicide!

Take a stand for me, I’ll always guide,
My love will be there, side by side!

I am so smart & I am so wise,
Who wants to date girls otherwise?

Why doesn’t he understand, how I cried?
When he is my life, who wants to hide?

Hey stranger, you know how I like!
Now tell your mom, ill be your bride!!!

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