Saturday, October 31, 2015

Top 3 cartoon shows with an Indian twist

As a child, I loved watching the chase between Tom and Jerry and in my grown years I was still fond of watching these cartoons. We were spellbound to the magic of Chip n Dale Rescue rangers, Duck tales and Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles and glued to the screen for hours and still we couldn’t get enough of them. I used to wonder whether these cartoons will have the same magic to the next generation what we had or will that magic wipe out everything.

Today we switch on the TV and feel irritated when we are bombarded with never-ending advertisements and illogical serials. But, one fine day after my hectic work schedule I got a chance to surf through the channels and I stumbled upon on some cartoon channels. I heaved a sigh of relief when these channels and program’s quality and content weren’t affected like other programs.

I could once again quickly connect myself to these new generations’ cartoons and I was amazed to see the quality and Indian factor added to these cartoons. I was glued to the screen when I watched my first ever episode of Motu Patlu and do you know what made these cartoons so special than ever? Read on to know:

•    Motu Patlu
Image source - Google

One cannot imagine having a pot-bellied character with a matchstick figure buddy enjoying the most. This inseparable pair of Motu Patlu never fails to tell the morale of the story at the end of every episode. The humor never lacks anywhere and it sticks to the story from the start to till the end. We humans quickly connect to characters are shown in the movie and hence, there is a character known as Chingam that resemble the character of Singham played by Ajay Devgan in the movie. Those were the days when Disney ruled the cartoon and animation world for many years but nowadays as more talented animators stepping forward and hence, they leave no stone unturned when shaping cartoon characters and displaying many elements of Indian local culture such as most delighted and liked by many local food ‘samosas’  are shown favorite of Motu. These tiny elements hold your grip tightly and you instantly feel connected to them.

•    Chota Bheem

Images used representational purpose only
Bheem, an ancient character from Mahabharata has changed for a good, from serious to a lighthearted baby version of Bheem can certainly spread the smile on your child’s face. Chota Bheem played on Pogo channel captured everyone’s attention in a short span of time and children were pride to wear t-shirts and carry bags with printed images of Chota Bheem. This cute 9-year-old boy and his team always solve the problems of Dholakpur residents. He always outsmarts his rivals with his wit and conscious. The episodes are neatly presented in a simple and understandable manner that children would enjoy and connect to Indian superheroes rather than getting obsessed over Ben 10 and Dexter. Chota Bheem certainly reminds you of long lost characters of Mahabharata but leaves you feel entertained and not a heavy-headed. 

•    Oggy and the cockroaches
Oggy and The Cockroaches

Although this cartoon series is a product of French cartoon lab; however, it is so hilarious when all the characters are dubbed in Hindi. They are given a voice over of India’s popular cine stars. These cockroaches throw dialogues in the voice of Shahrukh Khan, Sunny Deol and many more. This French cartoon series dubbed in Hindi breaks all the barriers of communication when they feel so Indian. Don’t miss the episode of it; they will tickle your funny bone like anything.    

After watching these cartoons, I was glad to know that this generation will also have sweet childhood memories that will linger in their mind for the years to come!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

5 android apps you must have on this Navratri

Navratri started on 13th October 2015 and you’ve all been eagerly waiting for these nine nights to look your best, show off your garba moves and wear your best glittery outfits. You all must have tried your best to perform the best dandiya and garba moves as well as tried to impress your family members with well-known prayers. But if some of you still lacking any of these skills, you don’t have to worry. Remove your smart, sleek android phone from the back pocket of your jeans and download these smart apps to enhance your skills in everything.

Here is the list of android apps especially for Navratri that one should have:


This app has a collection of aartis with their lyrics, best garba and dandiya videos, a list of events and quotes. It has a calendar and tweets. The app is built by LetsNature. Tweets option lets you tweet about their app, so if you like it do share with other tweeters! So are you ready to do dhamal on this Navratri?


This one app gets ten on ten because of its neatly designed useful features. The app is built by Rain Technologies. The menu of the app has put in a vertical and horizontal order such as History, Importance, Fasting Procedure, Puja Vidhi and Puja Katha and horizontally Home tab, Recipes, Aartis, and Wallpapers tab. If you aren’t aware of how to fast on nine days of navratris, the app explains a fasting procedure. It also lets you know the procedure of puja and story about Goddess Durga.

Those keep fast during nine days might get bored eating fruits and milk and to stimulate your taste buds the app provides mouthwatering recipes to try on. During the festival, everyone seems to become a great devotee and hence, their mobile wallpaper has to be matched just like with other festivities and hence, Rain technologies’ app has collated a good number of wallpapers. Certainly, this app is a complete package of everything that you want during this festival.


Fashionvalley app fulfills your desire to endorse best ornaments in the town. It has a good collection of necklaces and earrings. You can also get jewelry on sale. Great discounts with amazing jewelry collection!


Navratri Ras Garba Ramzat app by Alive Technolabs has collected a number of popular garba and dandiya songs to let you dance with lots of excitement and enjoyment. Super hit songs like ‘Bhai, Bhai’ will keep you dancing all night. Download app now and practice your best moves ever!


Source from google 

Navratri Garba and Dandiya app built by Apex Softtech is the app you should install on your android device. It has an excellent collection of garba and dandiya dance videos, ringtones and a gallery of wallpapers to download. Polish your skills by watching the videos and put your best foot forward on this Navratri.

Happy Navratri to you and your family!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

3 Amazing websites to download free eBooks

Hello everyone,

I’m a bookworm and I love to curl up in my bed flipping through the best pages of amazing novelists. My thirst for reading is never-ending and so is my search for best free books. I always look for best sources for good reading stuff. I visit the local bookstore, borrow from a friend or go online. While my phone has a good number of books downloaded; however, I wanted books in my laptop too because I prefer reading on a big screen. Thus, I stumbled at these amazing online bookstores and thought why not to share with you people. Here are three sources from where you can download absolutely free ebooks. So are you ready book lovers to drown in the ocean of reading?


Google play is one of the best options for bookworms. You can download a number of free ebooks on your mobile, laptop or desktop. Download popular books without spending a penny and read them from the comfort of your home. Google Play app is available if you’re using an android phone. If you’re using your laptop, no worries you can still download free ebooks by installing Google book downloader on your laptop. Visit books on Google play; search your favorite books online, select the links and paste into the Google downloader and your ebook is saved in your memory drive. Isn’t that great?

This one website spreads unlimited knowledge to all those book lovers spread across several continents by providing endless free ebooks. It’s a volunteer project. Project Gutenberg boasts of having more than 45,000 free ebooks to be downloaded in ePub, Kindle, HTML and plain text formats. To make it easy for readers, they have carefully divided books into categories and subcategories. You’ll love this online free library!


Looking for professional books and textbooks? Aren’t you figured out yet? Then your search ends at The website has a collection of textbooks and business books. Whether you’re an accountant, marketing head or IT person, the website gives a golden opportunity to polish your skills by downloading free ebooks in a PDF format. Fill up a form in 4 easy steps and click on download, your book is ready! has neatly inserted their books in the shelf by making categories such as career management, Engineering, IT management, marketing and many more!

These three websites are free (not all books are free, but most of them are) and convenient to use. Now create your own personalized bookstore on your laptop and read anytime!


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Hugs and kisses

Only the silence between us said it all. We did not have to explain anything to each other. Cool air started flowing n dry leaves made their way to wave goodbye to their last minutes of life. The rustling sound of leaves brought me back in the reality that it was my time as well to bid a farewell to my relationship.

Hugs and kisses 

I got up and without saying a word I left. Suddenly I felt every color of my life was becoming plain. Outside of the park, the hustling-bustling roads of New York City felt noiseless. All I could hear my heart was beating loudly and my positive and negative thoughts were fighting to each other.

"He has gone for good", "No, he loved you dearly" one part of my mind said, "you have to move on" and my heart ached and wept bitterly saying, "you still love him"

Aah! I hated myself and trying to shake my head as if I wanted my thoughts to throw out of my head.

I calmed myself saying "the storm of hugs and kisses is gone" and "yet another season of love and hope is blossoming".

As soon as this positive thought fused in my mind, I felt light. As I was walking, I inhaled the fresh cold air and heaved a sigh of relief.

I looked up the full moon was smiling from its corner to corner and the night sparkled, so my eyes!

My eyes were now sparkling with joy, smile, hope & life.

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