Sunday, July 31, 2016

Have you filed your IT returns?


I am as exhausted as any other office-goers who everyday rush to catch trains, try to reach office on time; dig in a pile of work and come to home only to have dinner and sleep. Aah, what an exhausting week? No, it doesn’t stop here. We still have lot of work to do at home. Pay bills, complete pending household chores and more to come. Our professional and personal responsibilities are never-ending and so we will have to find a perfect balance in between our office and personal life. Why? It’s because perfect balance brings harmony in our life. You don’t trust me, do you?

Let’s take a simple example. Do you know filing your IT returns render lot of benefits on a long term plus peace of mind? Yes, you heard it right.

I was one of those who ignored the importance of filing IT returns for a long time or rather you can say I was lazy. The day I applied for a credit card and I got to know about the credit score I started maintaining my credit score for good. I knew it would help me in future as I; myself was thinking about home loan and availing other benefits. Soon I started filing my IT returns as well and guess what my financial side has become stronger giving me peace of mind. No matter how busy I am or how much my professional life keep me on all my toes it is my responsibility that I file my IT returns on a timely basis. When we can recharge our phones and pay bills online, why not take time off and file IT returns for good? It is anyways going in our favour.

The day I came to know benefits of filing IT returns and I thought it would be wise to let other fellow bloggers and my readers know. Below I have listed down some of the benefits of filing IT returns that ensures peace of mind and lots of benefits in return:


-        Wish to apply for a loan? Start filing IT returns on a regular basis and you could end up having your dream loan sanctioned.

-          Okay so you had a bad credit score in the past and now you wish to improve it, file your IT returns regularly.

-          Visa application for a foreign country could become a lot easier if you start filing IT returns.

-          Have an established record with an IT department when your IT returns in place.

-          Filing IT returns regularly creates a strong financial background as your online transactions contribute a financial credibility to the assessee resulting in easy fund procurements.

-          Now claim the amount of LIC premiums paid as deduction and reduce the tax liability.

-          IT returns can be filed even after the due date as a belated return.

-          Even if you have NIL records of financial transactions but submitting IT returns of past three years to banks can result in smooth processing of loans such as home loan, vehicle, education etc.

Filing IT returns is a proof that all your income is legal and you own only white money. Isn’t it making a sense to you now when IT returns provide benefits and is lot easier to submit?

So have you filed your IT returns? It could be yes, no or maybe but it’s never too late to file income tax returns. Your time starts now!

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Saturday, July 30, 2016

It is too late now! (Short Story)

I am sorry Ronit! It is too late now!

He left the room with heavy shoulders and a heavy heart. He tried his best to convince her but she was determined not to let her heart rule over her head. It was hard for her to display stone face outside while her heart was weeping inside. She felt she was helpless but she thought to herself it was too late to reconcile her relationship with Ronit. Last night she pondered thousand times before making a final decision and now she isn’t regretting over it but she wasn’t happy as well.

She went in flashback and all the happy moments appeared in front of her eyes. The day Ronit proposed her and the life afterwards that took her in a world of fairytales. Every moment spent with him was magical. After office they would roam around the city painting the town red. They would share panipuri and froth of the creamy coffee. Chatting late night became one of the sweetest parts of their routine. Without morning and goodnight messages their days were incomplete.


Soon their innocent affair started shaping into a serious one where they discovered more than fifty shades of love. That one shade of love took control of their lives when their parents intervened in their relationship.

Ronit had to hear the great lessons of family responsibilities, social status and parents’ desires whereas Sacchi was forced to accept the fact that she was a girl and girls had no right to choose the love of their life. Their parents were to decide what is wrong and right for them.

Ronit started keeping distance from Sacchi. His changed behavior not only toughened her more but cleared her vision about defining her life in a true sense. She started picking up the pace of her life again. She missed him badly but she had no option.

A hand on her shoulders brought her back in reality after that bitter-sweet flashback. It was her sister. She whispered in her ears. “Di, you did a right thing.”

Suddenly those words changed her mood. She wiped her tears and thanked to god that she did not break down in front of Ronit.

She spoke to herself. “I am sorry Ronit. Earlier it was our parents who did not like our relationship but now it is my destiny. It is too late now!” she burst out in tears.

Add caption

After the breakup with Ronit, Saachi was trying hard to bring her life on a normal track until one day she received shocking news. She was diagnosed with a rare disease that decided her life span. Today when Ronit came to meet her, she had no choice but to send him away. It’s because it was too late for her and for him!  

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Chase your dreams with passion! On a dream trail

Passion that never goes out of your heart & never worn out!

Passion never goes out of your heart, it remains somewhere at the corner of your heart or mind. It never leaves you until you follow it. Yes, your dreams should have passion to fulfil them. A fiery passion that I always had, have and will have all my life.

This has been my personal experience and views that to chase your dream you should have a strong & strange passion for it. A passion that you can’t explain to anybody else but you feel very restless until you don’t fulfill real things you always wanted all your life.

My interest always inclined towards the various art forms. It could be dance, music, movies, literature, travel, advertising, media or painting. You name it and you’ll realize the world is full of artists. You’ll find an art in each and everything. In fact, our life is incomplete without arts. Every culture, tradition, city, or country feel proud of art they live in or follow. My life always encircled to dance and writing.

After my graduation I started working as a customer care executive with one of the private firms. My hectic schedule kept me busy in office work that took my entire week and left me with one single week off. During all these years I kept doing odd jobs which were absolutely out of my interest.

My work life kept me intrigued, dissatisfied and confused. It’s because my dreams were left unfulfilled; they were left somewhere as they were and they weren’t chased by me. From my first job to my last job till the year of 2012 I experimented with lot of things. I enrolled in Yoga instructor course; I worked as a teaching volunteer with one of the NGO’s in Mumbai; I did attempt to publish my first book, a collection of Hindi poetries and I tried to figure out whether IATA course would take off my career. 

All this while I could not gather courage to enrol in dance classes and live life like a butterfly. I mean that is what wanted. I kept dreaming about my career in advertising & media and I kept dreaming about many things. I questioned myself whether I will ever be able to take up my passion, my hobby of writing as a profession and many other endless questions.

Finally, it took 7 years when things started falling in my favor. I kept telling to myself, questioning my worth to myself and doubting my inner self while God already had best plans for me but he kept testing my patience. I don’t know how and when my dreams picked up the pace and things started moving faster. Firstly, when my writing started getting recognition and articles getting published in several online and offline publications and secondly, it was my first ever dance performance on a big platform.

My dreams were becoming real and I fully enjoyed and cherished those moments. Today, I live and breath in my dreams. I work as a freelance writer, I enjoy blogging, I attend dance classes and I make sure that I give time to my hobbies, to my passion. 

And yes, I haven’t stopped here, I have many small to big dreams and goals yet to achieve in my life. I have passion for life, I have passion for my dreams and in fact, this zeal, passion defines my life!

What’s your story? I am all ears to hear yours!

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Saturday, July 23, 2016

So is your child ready to tell a story? #ColgateMagicalStories

Colgate brings bright smiles on the children's faces

Those are born in their 80s or 90s I consider them very fortunate and I am one of them. It’s because in our time we played actual games and our childhood never lost in the virtual world. Today when I see children fiddling with mobile phones, tablets, and laptops I cringe about their time. These virtual games are not only keeping them away from making real connections to the real world but are also hampering their overall health. Don’t be surprised if your child has got spectacles at a very tender age or complain about eye related problems. In fact, there is more to add. It lacks emotions and attachment with the real world and real people. 

Childhood is one of the gifted phases of our life and we should make best of it. Being in my adulthood I still become nostalgic about the memories of my childhood. The time that I spent playing on and off field games, the time I ate kind of foods like ripe mango jam, shakkar roti and the time when I was growing to become only to enter in teenage years. All this while my childhood has been a mesmerizing one and I enjoyed the every moment of it. The innocence could be seen in every setting where we spent our childhood. Be it in a classroom, in a market or at home, I am glad that we had a blessed childhood. I played with real toys and real boys.

But the time has changed and generations to generations are coming. Today both parents are working and over-stressed about the responsibilities that they need to handle at the office as well as at home. However, every parent should try their best to give the best childhood to their children. Fortunately, a brand like Colgate has taken an initiative by introducing #ColgateMagicalStories where you can introduce your child to the ‘Magical Sea World’. That means your child will leave e-devices for some time while you inspire them to build a story to tell you.

Colgate’s limited editions come with four different packs that take your child’s imagination beyond. All you need to buy one of the Colgate packs, inside it the pictures of Magical Sea World, are given, cut them and let them weave their own story with these cuttings. They can make a story book out of them or you may teach them on how to make a scrapbook. I can bet that they will enjoy the whole experience. 

I received my ‘Magical Sea World’ pack from Colgate-Palmolive (India) Limited in association with Indiblogger. I enjoyed the collection of it with my nieces. I really look forward to such child-friendly initiatives from many other firms. I have been using Colgate since my childhood and I am still using it. Colgate has been a part of my upbringing. I congratulate Colgate for their effort that not only inspiring children to create their own magical stories but causing them to have brightest smiles ever. 



Check out the below pictures to understand how the Magical Sea World revolve due to these Colgate’s limited editions. Enjoy & let me know how was your experience with your child in the below comments section. 

Harry Potter’s mesmerizing journey to Kolkata

He looked around and he was amazed to see the place which was as magical as his wizarding world. Some street vendors were trying to sell their goods. He had a problem understanding their language. He concentrated on what they were talking and he soon realized that their communication language was Bengali.

For Harry, it wasn’t difficult to switch from one language to another and he fluently conversed to one of the street vendors. The street vendor told the place is called ‘Kolkata’. At this time both were amazed. It shocked the street vendor that a foreigner could speak in fluent Bengali whereas Harry wondered how he reached to this place. He tried to recollect hard but his efforts went futile. He thought not to overstress himself but to roam around this magical place.  

The air was crisp and cool but the hot winds didn’t bother to flow in between. Harry was about to start his journey but he hesitated for a while. He wanted somebody to accompany him. He quickly realized that the street vendor wouldn’t mind if he asked to. He turned back and asked the vendor. The street vendor whose name was Subodh readily agreed. Harry introduced himself to Subodh and after exchanging the pleasantries Subodh was very comfortable to talk with Harry.

“So how come Harry you could speak so fluent Bengali?”

“My mother married to a Bengali guy and so I can.” Harry lied as he did not want to arouse any suspicions that might scare this muggle.

“Oh, I see. Come, Harry, I will show you around our city that you’ll never forget.”

Harry was too excited and quickly nodded in affirmation.

Subodh called one of the autos. Harry was surprised to a three wheeler with its green-yellow pattern. Subodh wanted to show city’s one of the artistic masterpieces known as ‘Howrah Bridge’. Suboth took Harry to the exact point of Howrah bridge from where the view was simply breathtaking. Next on Subodh’s itinerary was to introduce Kolkata’s rich Bengali literature.

Image courtesy: 

He took Harry to one of the ancient libraries and asked Harry to read Rabindranath Tagore, Satyajit Ray, and Amitav Ghosh’s popular books. Harry quickly browsed through these popular books. The more he read, the more it amused him. However, he had less time and Subodh had many things on his itinerary. They left the library.

When Harry arrived in Kolkata Durga puja celebrations were in full form. He could see people were all joyous and very happy. Subodh took Harry to famous Durga temple and allowed him to witness the magnificent Durga puja. 

Now Harry was feeling very hungry. Subodh took this opportunity to introduce Harry to Bengal’s cuisine. They both entered the premises of a small, cozy hotel. 
Image courtesy: 

Subodh ordered Hilsa fish fillets and Kati Kebab rolls. Harry relished on these mouthwatering dishes. If that wasn’t enough, Subodh tempted Harry by offering popular Bengali sweet, rasgullas. Harry literally burped and thanked Subodh for offering such delicious food.

By this time, Harry was quite fascinated by the charm of the city and he realized that there are many magical places other than the wizarding world. He wondered if he was based in Kolkata, life would have been a simpler and uncomplicated. The city used simple magic to strengthen bonds between locals and others.

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Let’s make our homes happy and healthy this monsoon!

Let's make homes happy and healthy! 

It’s raining outside. Mumbai is experiencing heavy rains and is looking greener though the roads are filled up with potholes. Everyone is enjoying rains in their own way. Some are busy planning rainy trips. On the other hand, some people are enjoying hot tea with fritters. The view of rainy season is simply amazing.

However, rains look good outside and not inside of your home. Who would enjoy sitting under the leaking roof or worrying about damp walls? Would you? There were days when we always had a leaking roof problem and my parents would take every effort to fix it before the rains arrive. However, at that time the technology wasn’t that advanced or probably my parents weren’t aware of them.

Soon the time changed and we built a spacious row house. But I felt just to fix a recurrent problem of the leaking roof we had to rebuild the entire house which wasn’t a wise option. My parents invested a good amount of money to permanently resolve the problem. Rains cannot be stopped and so is the obvious dampness that walls of your home embrace. And so the problem can be continued.

It means after 2-3 years every house needs a reality check. Let’s take an example. An open terrace is continuously exposed to harsh weather, torrential rains and other climate conditions. So there is no wonder if your terrace starts exhibiting symptoms of dampness and leakiness.

Now look at the damp walls of your house. The dampness is a common problem during rainy season as the rainwater seep in through the walls. These wet patches on the walls disappear as soon as the rain stops. It isn’t an invisible problem but the serious one. The dampness causes serious internal damage to the walls resulting in peeling and cracks on the walls.

No one would want to have cracked or damp walls. After all, you invest so much money and time to build the home of your dreams. Fortunately, today we have better options to opt for. Whether your roof is leaking or the walls cracking, Dr. Fixit offers various waterproofing solutions.

Waterproofing solutions by Dr. Fixit

Dr. Fixit Roofseal provides excellent waterproofing to your terrace and you don’t have to look back for next 10 years. Bathroom area is very sensitive since it is exposed to water every single day. Leaky bathrooms create very bad impression on your guests or potential buyers if you’re thinking to sell your house. Dr. Fixit Bathseal Kit resolves the problem in minutes and saves you from lot of embarrassment and so your expensive interiors.

Every wall of your house is critical and it requires regular attention of yours. Whether it’s externally or internally, you’ve got to resolve the leaking problem forever. Dr. Fixit presents a range of waterproofing products to your residential and commercial property. Their waterproofing solutions are not only pocket friendly but they are worth to try. It’s one time investment for your dream house. Dr. Fixit waterproofing solutions keep your home happy and healthy. Your walls will no more crack or become damp.

Bring Dr. Fixit now & don’t let your walls cry!

To know more, Dr. Fixit in association with RoffIndia and TheHappyHomes, please visit below sites:

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Corpokshetra - By Deepak Kaul (Book Review)

Corpokshetra By Deepak Kaul 

What’s new?"Peppered with great phrases and vocabulary and old epic with a modern touch makes this book one Bloody Good Book!"

Book details

Title – Corpokshetra
Author – Deepak Kaul
Genre – Fiction
Publisher – Westland Ltd & Bloody Good Book
No of pages – 124

We all enjoyed the great epic Mahabharata and some of the great characters from Mahabharata still continue to live in our hearts. Whether it’s Lord Krishna or Bhima, we all have praises for them. However, the time changes and so is the great lessons from Mahabharata should be served with a modern taste. Our coming generations should know what Mahabharata is and why Lord Krishna still holds a great emphasis in our life even today.

Today we not only live in Kalyog but we strive to live in a cut-throat competition that is infamously known as MBA or Corporate yug. Want to know more? Why not read Deepak Kaul’s Corpokshetra?

Cover page
The book serves its purpose quite interestingly when the plot has woven with a different twist. The story sheds a light on a today’s corporate world. It relates to the epic Mahabharata and reminds us that today’s scenario is no different than Mahabharata. The cover page is itself an enticing. Imagine Krishna, being a corporate counsellor trying to resolve corporate matters in his usual witty manner or having forced Draupadi to dance on an item number. Isn’t it enough to excite your reading nerves further and turn the cover page?

The plot   
The plot reminisces to the epic story of Mahabharata where Pandavas fight against Kauravas to claim their rights. We know the original tale is quite serious but this one is hilarious yet successfully touches the core of today’s corporate situation. Hastinapur is a business empire run by short-tempered and greedy Duryodhana. However, the Pandavas are back from the exile to claim their rights from Duryodhana. Pandavas hire a corporate consultant, Krishna and under his guidance, the war begins from the board room followed by hilarious moments that you’ll enjoy reading them.

My review
I am going, to be honest with the review. As a part of the book review program, I was least interested in reviewing this book. However, I was selected to review this book and I had no choice but to read and review it. But the moment, I started reading the first page of the book, the very first paragraph of the book captured my attention and I was completely hooked on this book. I am very thankful to Writer’s Melon that I got this opportunity to review this book.

Writing style
The author Mr. Deepak Kaul has done a fabulous job by writing this unique book with a different flair of writing. The book is of 118 pages and there is no single dull moment interrupts you.  

I liked the phrases and vocabulary used in the book. The author has poured all his heart and cleverly used his knowledge of golf and cricket terms that the book becomes a good read! 

My rating

The writing is so fresh and funny and so is the story written by Deepak Kaul. I totally recommend this book to all my visitors out there. I give 5 stars out of 5. I congratulate Mr. Deepak Kaul for his successful book and wish him to come out with many more interesting books. 

“I received a free copy from WritersMelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.”

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Catching up on children’s growth

Catching up on children's growth 

One day I brought my nieces in the garden. The view at the garden was quite pleasant. Recent rains made the grass greener and the ground was muddy. The greener sight infused positive thoughts in me. I saw tiny joys of bundles were running here and there. They giggled, they ran and they played to their hearts’ content. The innocence was flowing abundantly and I loved every moment of it. I was witnessing the sheer innocence and joy.

On the other hand, my mind had the other view where the city’s mall was overcrowded. The children were dressed in their best outfits. Some children were holding the popcorn baskets while some children were asking their parents to buy toys or dresses. They were stubborn and when their wishes were not fulfilled by their parents they were cranky.

In both scenarios, the environment brought a huge difference in their attitude. I felt the materialistic things influenced them. These things made me ponder whether today’s children have missed on their real growth.

A single factor cannot be blamed for their missed growth but at the same time, the environmental factors cannot be denied. We all know our mothers always tried their best to give us best of both worlds. However, the time is changing and we all know we need something common yet extraordinary for our upcoming generation.

Today when I see my 5, 7 and 9-year-old nieces growing up I feel they need more than what we had in our childhood. Looking back my grandparents, my great-grandparents had healthy lives. It’s because at that time they ate healthy food, they lived very simple life and were always contented. Pollution wasn’t a problem and the technology wasn’t greedy in nature. The life was at a slow pace and people were happy.

Today the time escapes real quickly. We want everything ready-made and fast. Competition is the modern demon in our life. If you skip even few seconds, the other one gets the chance. The competition can be seen everywhere from the boardroom to a classroom and from adults to children. Thus, it worries me when children in their delicate age miss their physical and mental growth. I can’t even imagine the kind of competition they face in the school. Be it taking participation in the extra-curricular activities or attending PT classes in school, their physical and mental growth matters.

Remember that embarrassing moment when the teachers always keep heighted kids in front and rest are in a back row? Or those smart kids who grasp everything fast and steal all the praises? These small things really hamper on children’s mental and physical growth. Children with short height get bullied and teased by their classmates. If this is not enough, children with low grades neither praised by the teachers nor by their parents.

Parents should instil healthy habits in children

I feel it’s very important that children should have a healthy growth and not just growth. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter how hard the competition is or who becomes the winner. For me, children should be raised with a healthy attitude that assures their mental and physical well-being. Pampering the children with healthy habits is the surefire way that guarantees your child’s best future. Don't you agree? 

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Peace Vs Terror – (Heal the world)

Peace for all!

Even Michael Jackson sang his songs from the bottom of his heart. He wanted, wished and left no stone unturned to dream about the peaceful world. We all wanted and we sang together when he sang and he pleaded the world about the ‘Peace’ through his songs. But our idea about having a peaceful world always crashes down when some or the corner of the world gets hurt by the terrorist attacks and we shiver terribly.

I feel awful whenever I hear such terrible news and it’s not something new for us but for our weak hearts it is always terrible than before. Each country in this world is affected by the terrorism but I wonder why ‘Terror’ speaks louder than ‘Peace’? Is the ‘Peace’ getting cornered and threatened so much by the ‘Terror’ that is it hiding somewhere? The word ‘Peace’ has been stronger for years but somehow it is getting weaker day by day.

Look around you and you’ll realise terrorism is growing day by day as we bring more technologies making ourselves more vulnerable to problems. No, the technology alone is not responsible to these horrible consequences. Yes, problems are rooted in ourselves; in our thinking; in our greed to progress better. This progress has a materialistic base. It has no emotions, no feelings but only greed.

The terrorists are not only playing with our emotions but they are playing with the technology. That technology we thought will bring ‘Peace’ to the world has shattered our hopes. Terrorism was hammered through many mediums that ‘Peace’ thought all was okay with the world only to realise it wasn’t. By the time ‘Peace’ could do something, many peacemakers lost their lives by the hands of the terrorists. It’s because the peacemakers were too innocent to recognise the double face of ‘Terror’. They believed these similar-looking humans. Inside those human figures was none other than the terrorists.

Yes, some humans like us embraced the terrorism while others accepted, thought and hoped about the ‘Peace’. That’s when we went wrong. We did not realise that ‘Peace’ cannot be always calm and patient. We needed to embrace peaceful thoughts but the action-oriented attitude attached to them. When needed as a peacemaker we should be as tough as the terrorism. We aren’t encouraging violence; we’re encouraging the practicality that is needed in our actions.

We should become practical and tough as and when needed. We should change ourselves as the time is changing. The need of the hour is to become as tough as like Lara Croft in Tomb Rider and not Cinderella who keeps her hopes on fairies. The world is becoming cruel and we need to bring back the ‘Peace’ with a new face that matches to today’s time!

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Saturday, July 2, 2016

If money disappeared… Could we feel relieved?

It was a month end. He was facing a serious financial crunch. Now it was time to check all the drawers of his cupboard. He pulled out the drawers and emptied them. To his surprise, he couldn’t find a single rupee in one of the drawers. He checked again but his efforts went futile.

With frustrated look on his face, he took his wallet out but no money couldn’t find. He stormed out of the house and checked in one of the nearby cafes. As soon as he entered in the café his freaked nerves suddenly calmed as it surprised him the cool sight of the café.

As it surprised him the cool sight of the café.

He looked around. A group of men in their 40s were playing cards. Beside them a small boy was playing with his younger-looking probably maternal uncle. He was smiling from corner to corner and his smile was so contagious that Shekhar couldn’t help but to smile.

His gaze captured the entire scenario of the café. The owner of the café was quite relaxed while his waiters were happy to serve their customers. Shekhar took the opportunity and he took a corner seat from where he could observe everything. He thought.

The entire café was crowded yet some corners were left empty. Shekhar saw people were eating, laughing and seemed contented. Soon the group of men left. He saw they didn’t pay the money and the owner neither objected nor ask them to wait.

It shocked Shekhar and he hesitantly approached the counter.

“Hmm, hello sir, I wanted to know why you didn’t ask for the money to that group that just left.”

The owner did not utter a single word but indicated towards an empty drawer of his desk. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He went out of the café and took a deep breath.

He saw an ATM center across the street. He crossed the street. He entered at the ATM center and took his ATM card from the wallet. Entered some buttons and ATM showed an error message. “This ATM machine is no longer dispensing money. Today you’re the owner of unaffected happiness. Enjoy the bliss.”
Shekhar felt that things are spinning around him and he felt bit dizzy. 

He realised not only his money was gone but the money was disappeared from the world. Slowly and gradually he realised the world was so happy without the materialistic things. People from the café were engrossed in the things which were pure in nature. They had worldly time to indulge in chatting, playing and doing things which they wouldn’t have done in the presence of money.

Money made them slaves of time and everything. Money gave them less time for their relations and kept their lives waiting to happen for blissful things. This was a first time when people were relaxed and worry-free without money.
It was a miracle Shekhar was witnessing until he realised someone’s hand on his shoulder.

It was his wife Anamika.

“A call for you from credit card department” She gave the mobile to him.

A voice literally screamed in his ear and it was enough for him to bring back in the reality.

He cursed the plastic money and so his materialistic world!


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