Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Penguin India and All Things Chocolates have turned your favorite book into a chocolate bar

A good book accompanied by a huge chocolate bar! Yeah! You got me right! This excellent marketing idea has come from the collaboration between Penguin India and All Things Chocolates. 

This innovative and refreshing marketing concept not only has taken social media by storm but bibliophiles are going crazy as they can enjoy their favorite book with favorite chocolate. 

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Penguin India has smartly picked up popular classics like Meghadutam by Kalidasa, The Colors of My Heart by Faiz Ahmed Faiz and The Cat and Shakespeare by Raja Rao. On the other hand, All things Chocolates chose Belgian Milk Chocolate infused with ingredients like cream cheese, coconut crumble and more. Such combination has certainly become a delicious read. You’re not only going to melt in the world of fantasy but the perfect taste of Belgian chocolate is going to linger in your mouth.

So are you ready for this melting session of reading? 

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The Garden (First Ever Short Suspense Story)

Part I  

The flowers were fully blooming making the garden attractive and beautiful just like the girl who worked at the nearby café. She had a baby-like face and a pleasant smile. Most customers were happy to drop by at the café to have their morning coffee and see her ever-smiling face as it made their day. She was kind, genuine and pure. Her figure was petite but she was one of the enthusiastic staff the café ever had.

She was as beautiful as a flower!

One day the girl disappeared from the café and nobody knew about her whereabouts. Even the café owner was puzzled as he was kind and always appreciated her being in his staff. The news of missing girl was printed in every leading newspaper.

Her sudden disappearance shook entire Beaufort, a small, cozy town in South Carolina. She wasn’t a celebrity but she was a common girl with good nature. Her disappearance made everyone upset and sad. Regular customers at Pieolin Cafe missed her presence and some even expressed their feelings to the café owner. She was as pretty as a flower. 

A news of missing girl spread like a wildfire. Mothers feared of losing their daughters and so they stopped sending their daughters out in the night. Insecure dads scolded their sons and warned them not to play outside at night.

The small town had an eerie silence as if nobody lived there. The police were trying to solve the case of a missing girl but they were too puzzled as they couldn’t trace a single thing about her. 

At the same time, the news of dangerous psychopath who was accused of heinous murder and rape was freely roaming broke out. The Beaufort Police were in search of him. Soon, people were started linking the case of the missing girl with it. That caused an additional furor in the town resulting in fear and anger. Both cases were making it difficult not only for the police but the people of the town were uneasy, scared to talk or come out.

Days passed by and almost a month went but the police couldn’t find the missing girl nor could they find the psychopath who was still out and roaming freely.

It took time for the people of Beaufort town to accept the fact about the missing girl that she was gone forever and would never come back.    The mystery of the missing girl remained a mystery. Slowly and gradually people were catching the pace of their life.

The End

The gardener kept watering the plants but the flowers were losing its charm day by day. The plants were becoming lifeless. The gardener was persistent and he kept watering them and caring for them. However, the flowers never bloomed. The gardener was puzzled by the mystery of it unaware of the fact that the missing girl was buried right under the soil of the garden by the psychopath. 

While the whole town was sleeping peacefully and fearlessly, the psychopath was yet again ready to pluck another flower!

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