Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Payoneer – Save More, Earn More!

Payoneer - Save More, Earn More

Freelance marketplaces are one of the best opportunities that are luring many Indian freelancers, bloggers, and businesses. These marketplaces are not only helping freelancers to earn good amount of money but also to establish the global client base and sell their skills. However, receiving foreign payments from aboard has been a problem for quite some time. Forex conversion, transaction fees, and other charges would take half of the hard-earned money from the bloggers as not all payment solutions were flexible. The good news is that with Payoneer Online Payment Transfer Service you can save more and keep earning more!

With growing demand of businesses, a better flexible payment solution was the need of the hour. For that purpose, an analysis was conducted by Let’s Talk Payments (LTP), an international FinTech content and research firm. They compared the differing methods and costs of transferring B2B payments from the US to India. Since India is one of those fast-growing nations in international business and provides ample opportunities for online freelancers and businesses, it was obvious to compare and search flexible payment solution. Fortunately, Payoneer has solved the problem for Indian freelancers, bloggers and SMEs by introducing amazing service with greater flexibility.

Payoneer - Mobile App for receiving international payments

Payoneer, unlike other online money transfer services, saves a lot of money on transaction fees, Forex conversion & other charges. A study conducted by LTP concluded that Payoneer can help you reduce the cost of receiving foreign payments by 71%.

We all know receiving or transacting cross-border payments have always been risky some or other way. Wire transfers are expensive, time-consuming and aren’t reliable whereas with advanced technology the process of online payment transfer service has become hassle-free.

Transferring from US bank account to Indian bank account is time-consuming and inconvenient. Unnecessary fees levied on wire transfers, late payments of invoices are the few issues causes an additional headache for merchants as well as consumers. On the other hand, Payoneer is simple, cost-effective and easy.

Payoneer offers the best currency conversion fee of 2%. Moreover, you save on Forex conversion and transaction fees. The service called “Global Payment Service” provides funds paid by local US, EU, JP and UK users are directly transferred to your bank account in currency INR.

Withdrawing money from the freelance marketplace has become a pleasant experience for Payoneer users as it doesn’t charge landing fees and also has the lowest conversion fee. That means your money is in safe hands letting you keep the maximum money that you deserve!

These irresistible benefits of Payoneer can’t be missed out. All you need to sign up, fill up your details and you’re good to go!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Why did you change? (Short Story)

Part I
I asked “Why did you change?” 

“Why did you change?” she asked me. 

I said, “My responsibilities changed me.”

I asked her, “Why don’t you change yourself?”

She said, “I have already changed when you chose to part the ways.”

Part II 

“So are you happy in your married life?”

She said, “Do I have any option?”

He said, “I know, I left you without giving any option.”

She said, “I always had an option only if you wouldn’t have changed yours.”

I was speechless.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Celebrating Friendships - Yaaron ki Baraat

A friend in need is a friend indeed! How true is that?

I totally agree with this. We have family from one generation to another. However, our life is incomplete without this beautiful relationship called ‘Friendship’.  From kindergarten to school, collage to wherever we work we tend to make this relation out of our blood and we still share that strong bond what we share with our family members. I am lucky that during my school and college years I shared my life with these beautiful souls. 

I remember this particular friend of mine during my college days who had a knack of cracking excellent jokes and make us laugh and tickle our funny bones. After my 12th I met this beautiful soul in the first year of my senior college who changed my life and kept me happy for three years. 

We had a group of 6 girls and 2 boys but she single-handedly entertained us. There was no dull moment when she was around. Days were passing and slowly our friendship started strengthening. We became from friends to inseparable friends. 

I still remember the way she celebrated my 21st birthday when no one was able to make it. But somehow she turned my birthday into one of the unforgettable birthdays. She made sure that I enjoyed my birthday and have best memories to treasure for lifetime. 

One of the timeless memories that I have with her is that when I was strongly attached with her and don’t wanted to share our friendship with others. She took a beautiful route to convince and make me understand how she was friend of mine and other by writing me a personal letter that I still have treasured today. With her beautiful handwriting and words she made a place in my heart forever. She inked our friendship so beautifully in my heart that even today I can’t forget the way she wrote a letter to me and tried to make sense to me without hurting my feelings. 

Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend my last year of the collage due to sickness. At the time of final exams I got the news that she ran away with her boyfriend to get marry. I couldn’t give my best wishes to her nor could I get the last glimpse of her. 

For me she remained one of my friends to recall even after so many years, she infused my life with a positive energy. She made me laugh, drifted me from negativity to positivity and gave the time of my life to remember for lifetime! 

P. S – Here’s mystery I haven’t mentioned her name but the below is the image of my scrapbook signed by some of my good friends including her. I want to keep it as a mystery. Guess it if you can!

My College Scrapbook

I have shared some of the beautiful memories of my life. You too have chance to share yours. Moreover, Zee TV with its exciting chat show can stir up your thoughts about your best friends or that one special friend. Don’t forget to watch Yaaron Ki Baraat on Zee TV at 08Pm on every weekend. #YaaronKiBaraat
I would like to know your story as well. Leave your comments in below box! 

Yaaron Ki Baraat On Zee TV Every Weekend


Saturday, October 1, 2016

This World Heart Day take #ChhoteKadam towards heart health!

Image courtesy: Sayan Bunard

Do you know heart disease and stroke are the leading cause of death globally and taking millions of lives every year? Heart related diseases have become a concern for many nations including India. However, not many people know that taking small steps towards the heart health can bring a significant change in their lives. You heard it right! 

This World Heart Day let me take you on a healthy ride! All you need to follow these three easy steps and you decrease your risk of heart disease 

  • Staying active 

We all have a standard routine that we follow everyday but why not include healthy factor in it? When you have a fixed routine why not allow fifteen minutes of exercise to be a part of your routine? You have ample of choices when it comes to staying active. Plan your day accordingly that you have enough time to do exercises. Choose physical activities that suit your lifestyle and you’re comfortable with. 

I love to do dance and it is another healthy form of fitness. I make sure that I take 15 minutes from my busy schedule to practice yoga and weekends are for short dance sessions. Dance sessions keep me active and enthusiastic and I am ready for the whole coming week. 

Don’t limit yourself to indoor activities. Playing sports is also another way of keeping active oneself. There are various forms of fitness that you can actually explore. All you need to do is to make up your mind! 

  • Eating better

So you must already have planned to eat pizza or chicken nuggets this weekend, haven’t you?  Eating healthy is not a choice to make but to practice if you want to lead healthy life. Yes allow your heart sometimes to eat tempting dishes or try out mouthwatering cuisine but make sure that you don’t go overboard. At the end of day, healthy eating matters. 

Do changes in your diet and feed your heart and stomach which is friendly yet tasty if you just can’t have a bland meal. We have better options. Leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, wholegrain cereals and oily fish like tuna, sardines are heart-friendly. 

I enjoy eating vegetarian food. I sometimes indulge in fast food but at the same time I know the balance is the key. So eating better is your next small step towards a healthy heart! 

Did I mention that eating dark chocolate is good for your heart? Go ahead and indulge in this heavenly food that even I can’t resist! 

  • Being happy

Happiness doesn’t cost money. So why not laugh more and learn to enjoy life as it come? Being happy is the most crucial step in your life. Constant pressure and tension can be harmful to your heart. Life is for ‘Living’ and not for ‘Leaving’. Everyone wants to live life till their heart’s content and happiness is the key to live long life. 

Make small efforts to be happy and there are many ways to do.  Practice positive thinking and how to trash negative thoughts. Join a hobby class or spend time on things that make you happy. 

On weekends, I usually spend my time on things that I enjoy the most. It can be writing a piece of short story or spending time with my nieces.
These #ChhoteKadam certainly can assure you healthy heart and when you live healthy, you lead long healthy life. This World Heart Day make a resolution to stay active, eat healthy and be happy!  

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with BlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”

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