Sunday, August 28, 2016

A story yet unwritten

and lifted her heavy bridal lehenga to make her walk more freely

She kept the wedding card aside and the tears rolled down on her cheeks. She remembered every moment that she spent with Abhinav. They looked a perfect couple from every angle. They were together since collage time and had planned of getting married once they become enough mature and settled. 

Little did she know that her parents had other plans and she always thought her parents would support her in her every decision. She thought she was given freedom of world. However, her parents already chose a guy for her and processed with things. They did not bother to check with their daughter whether she was happy with the match. The guy was settled in USA with an engineering degree. He had everything what every girl would look for but Shruti’s heart was occupied with something more precious than this eligible guy. 

She thought love is most precious thing one could ever have but her story was left unwritten, untold and unfulfilled. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She got up from her place and lifted her heavy bridal lehenga to make her walk more freely. It was third time Panditiji asked for bride’s presence. With a heavy heart she stepped out of her room. 

She left behind her heart and followed her mind because she had no choice but to leave the story unwritten!

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

The photo that captured me!

And say cheese..! Yes, the term is now outdated and so our first family camera also. Back then mobile phone with camera was unimaginable concept. Today, mobile phone with camera feature has become a ‘must-have’ necessity. We humans are highly attached with our emotions and cameras are the best human-made thing that has enables us to capture memories.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words and it is very true when we take out the old family album or flip through some of the old pictures that our mobile phones have. I have countless blissful memories in my mind and today camera makes it easy for me to capture the best moments of my life. There are many memories that are close to my heart. These memories are the occasions where I was part of. These occasions gave me to make wonderful memories. So if I tell you which one photo defines the best memory then I would say I have plenty to share. But again below are the some snapshots that define my best memories and best moments of life. 

A.K. Joshi & Bedekar College

This photo reminds me about the time that will never come back nor do I have power to rewind the time. The photo was taken by me when I was in my final year of college and we had few days left to give our final exams. Our batch decided to give our favorite teacher farewell from our side. It was an emotional farewell for both parties. For us we were about to become graduates whereas for our professor it was final year to be with our batch. It was the time when we captured this moment in our cameras. 

The photo has captured my heart and mind for many reasons. It marked my final college year and I was about to enter into a corporate world. It reminded me that fun, innocent life was about to end and harsh realities were about to enter. It reminded me that I was growing and I would be having additional responsibilities. It reminded me about the golden time that I spent and this picture certainly had my friends in it. The photo will remain close to my heart always it because every time when I will look back I will have to something to hold on. I can recall my college days and I will have beautiful memories flooding in my mind. 

The next picture is very mesmerizing for me. The picture is quite dreamlike and very recently I took it out and put it on my Instagram account. The picture explains my fantasy and my romantic thought about the soul partner. The below picture is very old and it is one of my collections that I preserved for years. 

The quote that I wrote on it explains exactly what my heart wants to say loudly. I couldn’t find better words than these and this is what I think from my heart. After so many years the magic hasn’t been less. The picture is still magical, mesmerizing and romantic for me.

Soul Partner

The photo that captured me is the best memory for me and above is one of them.

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

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