Sunday, February 28, 2016

Recipe of Love (My random thoughts)

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My mother served two hot parathas with butter on it that melted slowly just like her anger the other day when she first punished me and, later on, took me in her arms. Isn't that love?

Shirish’s wife cooked his favourite dum biryani and when he came back from the office she served with delight. He savoured that meal with praises for her. She knew the secret of winning his heart goes through his stomach.

Avinash bribed his younger sister with chocolates so that she would let him study. Their mother was out for shopping and Avinash had to study as well as look after his naughty 7-year-old sister. He could not think other than giving her favourite chocolates to keep her engaged.

Don’t you think so in all these instances the recipe of love is somewhere hidden in our kitchen? Yes, we not only cook the food in the kitchen but we cook our feelings for our loved ones. That’s why this recipe of love seemed working in all cases magically. Don’t you agree that?

Food made with love not only fills our stomach but content our heart. This recipe of love cannot be printed anywhere but only to be shared and served with toppings like happiness and joy. So next time when you’re cooking for someone special, remember not only to put salt and sugar properly in it but sprinkle lots of love on it. They’ll enjoy this recipe of love any time of the day!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Coming soon Giveways & Contests on OutLandiSH Blog


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Do giveways & contests excite you? Do you like reading books, collecting prizes or simply participate in contests? If yes, OutLandiSH, the blog is starting out Giveways & Contests soon! The design and strategy is in process and hence, it would take time before I soon start one! 

So are your excited? 

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Hold your excitement but prepare your mind to win most exciting prizes and giveways!

Sheetal aka Sheena

Friday, February 26, 2016

#ShareTheLoad - A small effort to erase gender specific prejudices

This post is an activity for Blogadda and Ariel's #ShareTheLoad to reduce gender prejudices in Gen Next. 

I hope so you'll like it and do share your comments too!

"I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation."


Loud cheers and noises outside made little Amu excited again to play holi with other children in her society. She went to the balcony and saw little kids playing holi.

“Mumma, mumma, where are you?” She called her mother. She found her mother working in a kitchen.

“Mumma, I want to play holi, can I go?”

“No Amu, this is the third time you went outside to play holi. Your clothes get stained, beta!”

“Mumma, I promise last time I’ll go out and play holi,” She held her mummy’s hand and insisted again.

“Beta, why don’t you understand? How many times I should wash your color-stained clothes? I have other work to do!”

“Mumma, why don’t you tell papa to wash my clothes?”

Amu’s mother doubted herself whether she listened her daughter correctly or not. She waited for a minute before responding to her.

“Naa beta, big boys don’t do washing and cleaning.” She said it plainly.

“But Mumma, our dhobiwala clean the clothes by himself. Isn't he a big boy?”

She laughed at her daughter’s question. But then she had no answer to give as she has been taught to do this since she was child.

These prejudices take birth when the girl child is born in any family. They are taught to do specific things such as cleaning, washing, cooking since they are children and that continues in their growing years.

Why we have been so typical for particular things when it comes about women? Why these work differences between male and females? And there we become speechless when we don’t have answers for our children’ questions.

Why household chores are the responsibility of women only? Ironically, I fail to understand men don’t feel shy working as a sweeper, running a laundry store, or being a chef at a five star hotel. But extending a helping hand in cooking, washing or cleaning at home challenge their self-respect or ego, why is that so?

Today’s generation is well-aware of what is right and wrong and setting up these prejudices would not budge them questioning to you. They would fight back. The day is not far when they would challenge you by saying, ‘bring that sharing is caring principle in action and not just a phrase to say’. And they aren't wrong.

You want your child to get highest education, go with latest technology and marry the best girl but wouldn't you want your child to follow equity? Or you want your child to carry the prejudice generation to generation?

Your share your panipuri plate with your partner; your share your happiness and problems with your partner and so why not share the work-load equally? Isn't the right thing to do?

Children consider their parents as their role models and right direction at the right time makes a huge difference. There will be no place for prejudices and nor for this article to write as differences wouldn't exist any-more only if we share the load!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

A separation

Shalini was getting ready for the office. Something dragged her attention to it. A family photograph placed on a table. The photo had Sahil, Shalini and their daughter Sania flashing their brightest smiles.

She forcefully took the photo out of the frame and tore it apart. She felt relieved after seeing the photo of hers and her daughter standing beside her. She spoke in her mind that it was the only last thing remained to rip her heart after her separation from Sahil.
Image Courtesy by margoorita

She threw other side of the photo in the dustbin. She smiled and inserted the other half of the photo in the frame and placed it back on the table and left the room.

The torn photo on the table assureed her that her daughter is inseparable from her life!

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Friday, February 5, 2016

15 tips to become a skilled content writer

I'm starting out with new section within my blog where I will be giving valuable insights to all those readers, writers and social media enthusiasts to become a better writer! Here I'm simply providing you the links of the slideshows and please do visit to gain knowledge. However, this will work both ways when you will share with me your insights of the writing and publishing media industry. I'd love to hear your comments, suggestions, requests to make me write from better to best of all worlds. 

So, here is my first slideshow link that will help you to become a skilled content writer:

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