Friday, January 22, 2016

A short heartbroken poem

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A year without you

It was drizzling outside, so are my eyes!
Memories were rolling down my cheeks knowing that you won’t come back!

Memories and tears are what left behind!
You don’t know every night I cried!

Days were passing only to make me a year old!
Those memories spent with you are long back sold!

No more hugs, no more kisses!
A year without you feels like living in desert!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

One liners quotes that spark emotions real quickly!

My creative mind doesn't stop thinking about creative lines that keep linger in my mind every night. My mind has to have food to chew on and until I don’t play with my words I don’t get the satisfaction I want. I love writing articles, short stories, poems, one liners and almost everything. I'm still working on how to write a novel and it may take a year or so. But till the time these one liners by me would keep you entertained. 

Hey, why not go ahead and use these one liners as your Watsapp, Facebook, Twitter status or Instagram post? (P.S. Make sure that you give an appropriate credit with whom you share with) Please do share with your friends and family and share your experience when your shared with others and what comments you received and I would love to hear that. So here I go with the number of one liners that I’ve written and designed with the help of Textgram:
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The above is one of my favourites as I just imagined myself a sugar candy (Hahaha) Kiddin! By the way, sheetalm8 is my id name for all my social accounts!


one liners quotes

Above one liner I posted on my Instagram! Although I received likes but nobody could tell me the meaning of this one liner when I popped question in the above post itself. Now you people should tell me what I meant to say in this post!


one liner quotes

All right! Most people found the above one-liner has flirtatious meaning in it, but it's more than that if you could find the deep meaning in it!


The one liner expresses my personal experience as I love dancing a lot!


romantic quotes
Romantic quotes

Can't beat this one with any of these one-liners!


inspirational quotes


love quotes


romantic quotes

Last but not the least, the picture behind this post is one of the oldest pictures in my collection that I kept with me for more than 10 years! The drawing is quite romantic and so is my one-liner! The one-liner and the drawing have blended perfectly. Isn't it? Now honestly tell me girls how many of you have dreamt like this? Blushing ha? I myself too!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Words that trigger story in your mind!

Hello all, 

Do you know power words? What do they do when they trigger in your mind? Do they influence you to write a strongly-woven thought or a story? Yes, that is the power of words. If you take some time off to flip through some pages of my blog, you'll see an ample number of stories. That's what the words boost my brain to weave story. Most stories that I've written and published on my blog are written during night time. Words are simply amazing! Today, the post that I'm publishing revolves around only one word that is 'Blanket' and I finished writing a story! I would love to hear your stories as well and would like to know what is that word that triggered a story in your mind! Till then I just want you to just chill and read this story!

P.S I've written that word in bold letters that triggered me to write this story

A blanket

The roads, cars, roofs and corners of the busiest New York City were blanketed by snow. A fire melts her coldness for some time but as she wrapped herself with a blanket she felt warmer.

Aaliya's mother was busy packing her daughter’s bag as she was being sent away to the boarding school and she didn’t know how long it would take to see her daughter again. It could take 4-5 months or it could take a year. A tear rolled down on her cheek as she packed her bag with a blanket. Aaliya entered the room running towards her mom. She took Aaliya in her arms and said, “This blanket would give the warmth whenever you need it” and she meant it.

winter blanket.jpg
A roadside beggar could feel the chilly weather and he thought to himself that the weather would really kill him. Even a thought of dying in chilly weather made him shiver more and so he pulled his torn blanket and covered himself. He turned to the other side and slept in his tiny hut.

Margarita was feeling nostalgic during the Christmas. She got up from her chair and opened the cupboard. She took the blanket out. While her mind flooded with memories her blanket soaked with her tears. The blanket was a gift from her grandma who died one year back.

A blanket can be a memory, a cover that protect from chilly weather; provides much-needed warmth, a gift or simply a blanket. There is a story behind every blanket, what yours?
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