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Messed Up! But all for love (Book Review)

Book details

Title – Messed up! But all for love
Author – Arvind Parashar
Genre – Fiction
Publisher – Srishti Publishers & Distributors
No of pages – 156

Main characters – Neil, Gauri, Drishti

Other characters – Mehr, Tom, Jerry, Som, Srinya 

Love can be messy sometimes; especially you goof up big time! People fall in love and they can fall out of love as well. They get married and once the honeymoon period is over, the spark dies down. When the relationship becomes like a bland dal, then couple start seeing the other way around rather than focusing on their relationship. That’s what this story tells us!

Book Blurb

Neil and Gauri is a loving married couple. Both are well settled financially and are very much in love. Gauri is a bit possessive about Neil. The first crack in their relationship surfaces when Neil’s fitness consultant Srinya unintentionally stirs trouble in their lives.

On the other hand, there is another couple – Somesh and Drishti. Drishti is a TV news anchor and journalist and her husband Somesh, a top cop. They are bored of their mundane busy lives, until a chance meeting with Neil and his friends in Cuba that changes everything.

The plot becomes more intrigued and insane especially when they are advised by funny and crazy friends like Tom, Jerry, James, Mehr, and Antriksha.

The havoc ensues when Drishti gets abducted and Neil is framed for it. Gauri finds out some bitter truths and leaves Neil. But what really is the truth?
When facts finally surface, we will know how much these lives are Messed Up! But All for Love!

My review
The plot isn’t something new. It generally sheds a light on urban couples and their messed lives. It takes one seed of misunderstanding to brew a storm in any relationship and especially, you stuck in a rut of everyday life. Relationships have never been easy and to maintain have always been a herculean task.

This novel exactly shares a story of urban couples as to how their relationships go haywire when the romance goes out of the window and boredom sets in. 

The plot couldn’t keep me going as none of the characters were strikingly memorable. However, I loved the craziness that was going around Neil’s life and that could earn a point for entertaining us.

Yes, it does happen when your relationship goes wrong, there are people who would help you even go wrong. I enjoyed the overall madness but the plot wasn’t something extraordinary.

The author has put his 100 percent efforts in it to make the novel funnier, a light-hearted read by creating funny incidents. He has tried to make the plot as confusing and intriguing as he could. So, definitely 9 points go for his honest efforts.

The Best Part
For all the confusion created by the author and the funny incidents!

No so best part
The characters weren’t built as stronger as they should have.

Writing style
It is hinglish and hence, it makes easy to settle down with the flow.

The book cover & the title
The book cover isn’t suitable to the story of a married couple. In fact, I found it misleading since I felt that it might be a teen love story or a couple isn’t a married yet. The book cover does not justify to the novel’s story. The title is partially apt as we often go messy when it comes to love.

About author
Arvind Parashar is an author and painter hailing from Dehradun. He has been a corporate leader in various firms like GE, Dell and Genpact. He enjoys road trips and gives motivational lectures at various educational institutes.

You can follow him on:

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