Saturday, November 10, 2012

Child laboured @the cost of brightness

Chotu brings smile to all those office goers everyday by serving them hot cups of tea that are eagerly waiting for him to start off their day and Chotu’s day begins!

small boy working at tea stall
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                                        Small thin Pinky tries her best to sell all her Knicks- knacks on the street pavement.

                                        An orphan Raju delivers newspapers on daily basis to all those sophisticated people who lives in posh luxurious apartments. These are the same sophisticated people who writes lots of stuff on child labour and child abuse in well-known newspapers where their name gets printed in bold alphabets and remaining stuff just become a piece of paper. They don’t even realize that every morning at their doorstep their daily dose of hot gossip getting delivers by these small children.

                                        We tends to forget that hot cup of tea which start our day is served by that Chotu whose life is so challenging and tough that once his job is over, he runs as fast as he could to his school whereas we are being seated at our comfy chairs doing so called white job.

                                        Knowingly or unknowingly we are not doing anything but instead we are encouraging the child labour. When they at their age where they have to freely playing and taking education, instead they are struggling to earn some money and help their parents who are helpless. It’s easy to blame their parents, but their parents are helpless because of lack of knowledge and education, but are we also helpless?

                                        Child labour is most concerning and sensitive problem in India. When its matter of child labour, this problem has to get tackled very efficiently. Till the time any help reaches to these small street children, their innocence goes for toss. They become mature and responsible before the time. It’s such a pain to see these children working like a hard-core labourer. A democratic country like India where everyone has right to express their views, to make choices, to raise voices, to demand for rights whereas these children are getting deprived from their basic rights too.

                                        Is this the future of India?

                                        Innocence is lost in the darkness of poverty. Their hunger is lost in the shallow valley of false promises. An only remains is the hopeless hope in their bright eyes with dark future. The main reason behind child labour is poverty and lack of education.

                                        In India, poor families’ lives under most poverty line than expected and their daily needs also become challenge because of poverty and lack of knowledge. If there is a solution for the child labour then it would be a bringing change in surroundings. Today’s technology has helped India to bring up lot of educational NGO’s which can educate these street children. Setting up educational awareness programme can help to eradicate illiteracy in India.

                                        Government has been a support to these poor families but some rural areas is yet to be developed but lack of youth power; some programmes organized by governments also got failed in the past. Still government has been providing small businesses and offering less interest loans to those families who are left out from their basic rights and necessities. What we could make change is that stepping ahead and giving support by setting up educational awareness programmes and creating positive environment among those children. Anybody can be part of these NGO’s but has to be dedicated towards it.

                                        Today’s cut- throat competition, has also made middle class families to struggle for the life,  we understand everybody cannot be part of this, but what we could do that we should not encourage child labour making small efforts like not offering hot cup of tea to a friend where a small child is working. If we see, small children working in factory, can lodge complaint at nearest police station as per Indian law, child labour has become offence. When we have laptops at home why not publish sites which raise and highlights the child labour and child abuse and posting those scraps on friends wall on well-known websites like Facebook, twitter will also make people aware that crime is happening.

                                        These are the small steps towards change can bright their future and keep child labour away.  So this Diwali, in whose life you are going to bring all that bling and brightness?

                                        WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY DIWALI TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!

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