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Unlikely Tails by Author Mani Padma (Book Review)

Book details

Title – Unlikely Tails
Author – Mani Padma
Genre – Fiction
Publisher – Creative Crowns Publishers LLP

No of pages – 125

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My Review
Mostly, short stories contain in depth meaning of life that we usually miss out in lengthy novels. In fact, short stories can be quick breezy read for us especially when we have busiest lives and they can quickly freshen us up by infusing us good literary fodder.  Recently, I was chosen to review this book – a collection of short stories by Mani Padma and I am glad that I read it.
The short stories have been beautifully written, depicting agonies of life, dejectedness, rejection, horrifying facts and more. It is a perfect compilation of juices of life as our life is bit of a mystery, fear, hopelessness, and everything. The author Mani Padma has done fabulous job by complying all human emotions and neatly weaving into several short stories so one can enjoy the spice of life.

There are total 17 short stories and each is different from one another. Harmony is the story of a singer who has lost interest in music only to spend his days, full of dejectedness. But life has other plans for him when a girl comes to reside in his neighborhood area who was also tackling with her own problems. The author unfolds the mystery behind this short story at the end of it by telling after losing his sight in an accident how harmony enters in his life in the form of this lady singer, leaving him some space for hope.

‘Connections’ is yet another masterpiece by Mani Padma and is mysterious in many forms. The young lead in the story is willing to meet her mother who many years ago left her behind with her dad. Every time she talks about her mother, her dad opposes to her plans. But the young girl always has plans to run away from home and every time she discusses with Mr. Devraj’s personal assistant. However, this time her plan goes terribly wrong, leaving the PA in a shock when he receives news committing suicide.

 ‘Subjiwallah’ is a story for those who love reading horror or suspense. ‘Breakfast’ is a story about a woman whose marriage is completely loveless and seeks some excitement and entertainment out of her marriage but then at the last moment she changes her mind and decides to remain true to her husband.

‘Mamma’s house’ talks about a young girl who grows only to live in the past where she keeps chasing to fulfill her mother’s old dream. She feels her childhood home has always been close to her mom’s heart but time changes and so her mamma. However, the young girl never quits and pursues to buy mamma’s old house once she grows up only to make her mom surprised. At the end, mamma’s house remains no longer hers but belongs to the young girl as she continues to live in the past whereas her mamma has long before left the memories and attachment behind.

‘In Pursuit of Fame’ sheds a light on how parental pressure can disturb a little one’s life. ‘The Perfect Plan’ is a story about meticulously planned murder and the human’s creep psyche.

I won’t reveal all stories’ ending as you should enjoy this book which oozes human emotions flawlessly, giving you a chance to reflect and peep into your own life.  

The Writing Style
Mani Padma’s intriguing writing style holds a grip on reader’s mind, leaving him/her amazed with each story’s mysterious end. The author’s good vocabulary reflects in her writing style.

The Book Cover & the Title
I couldn’t understand what does the book cover wants to indicate at but the content inside it is good and that is what matter. After all, never judge a book by its cover. The title does give the justice to the stories as they are mostly unlikely heard, told or written ever.

My Rating
Yes, I totally recommend this book to every book reader who enjoy short stories as much as they enjoy long stories. Although it’s her solo debut, she has done absolutely good job by making it one entertaining read!

About Author
Mani Padma is the author of Unlikely Tails - A Compilation of Short Stories. She has worked as an Executive Editor for online magazine Fried Eye for 5 years. She is originally from Assam but now is based in Delhi.
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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Can A Girl And A Boy Be Just Friends? Author Samrit Shahi (Book Review)

Book details

Title – Can A Girl And A Boy Be Just Friends?
Author – Sumrit Shahi   
Genre – Fiction
Publisher – Rupa Publications Pvt. Ltd.
No of pages – 235

Main characters – Aaryan, Boza Corbi, Ishita, Tanie, Sumer

Supporting characters – Shazia, Karan, Kabir, Batra. Rehaan

Book Blurb
He knows everything about her, right from her favorite books to her favorite bra. She knows everything about him, right from his favorite soccer club to his favorite x rated websites. He will complete her English homework, even at three in the night. She will arrange an Armani suit for him, even if it calls for flirting with ugly guys. He has her picture in his wallet. She has his number on speed dial. They discuss everything from periods to play station. They have tasted alcohol and then thrown up...together. They have bunked countless tuitions... together. They can’t live without each other. YET They don't love each other. They are JUST FRIENDS...

My Review
After a long time, I read something light-hearted, refreshing and wittiest  read that also gave me a nostalgic feel about school life. 

Just Friends is a story about Aaryan and his best friend Boza Corbi. It also revolves around Tanie and Sumer. Author Sumrit Shahi has done a fabulous job by jotting down a simple yet breezy story with some of the funniest incidences in between the pages of it. 

From the first page of the story to till the end of this book, I found a lot of funny incidents described in a light-hearted manner with easy dialogues. Dialogues like “She laughed, I laughed, problem solved” you could easily relate yourself as a teenager with such dialogues. 

Further, in 232 pages author effortlessly tells two different stories about two different individuals. The characters are usually from the high class family background and so are their manners dealing with relationships. 

The first story is about Aaryan, a seventeen-year-old with lots of ex-girlfriends and a popular guy in a boarding school of Gurgaon. He falls in love with Ishita, a student from Singapore. He meets her at MUN. He tries hard to impress her. At first, she doesn’t show any interest but eventually gives in. However, she realizes that the long distance relationship wouldn’t work for them and tries to distance herself from him. Aaryan is devastated with her behavior and soon falls in depression. On the other hand, his best friend, Boza keeps him encouraged for his love to Ishita. Boza is secretly in love with Aaryan but she never shows it. She would go to any extent to keep him happy by sacrificing her own happiness. They both are really close friends. 

It is Aaryan to discover whether they are just friends or more than that.

The second story is about Tanie and Sumer (though I bet you wouldn’t enjoy this part of the story). He is her new neighbor. They soon become best of friends. She is madly in love with Rehaan whereas Sumer shares a long distance relationship with Liaka. 

Unfortunately, neither Sumer’s relationship with Liaka works out nor does Tanie’s. When Tanie is heart-broken, Sumer does everything possible to keep her happy. Sumer starts loving Tanie but she is unsure about her feelings for him. 

It’s interesting to know how the author has effortlessly managed to weave two different stories in a single novel packed with a lot of rhymed lines, short poems and funny one-liners. The novel has a lot of funny incidents with the sexual overtone that makes a book not suitable for all age groups.
Two friends and their relationships isn’t a new formula but the author has certainly made the plot interesting and fun to read. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, especially author impressed me with his unmistakable humor. 

Who wouldn’t enjoy serious stories all the time? 

Author has justified each role with his simplistic manner of writing. By the time you read 5-6 pages you know all the characters very well. A teenage love story yet extremely unique from the ones you’ve read in the past!

The Best Part
Simple plot backed by wittiest one-liners, incidents, breezy poems and rhymed paragraphs. 

The No-So Good Part 

The writing style
Author’s writing style is very easy, relatable to the common audience and free-flowing. I simply enjoyed the writing style and I couldn’t resist myself from noticing and making a list of them. Below are some of the paragraphs and dialogues that you shouldn’t miss:

“When the auditorium is dark,
The audience will bark.” 

“Damn Kabir, damn Boza, damn Shazia – they all could wait. I had just offered her the bait.”

“I pressed Sumer’s bell, I mean his doorbell and seconds later Aarti aunty opened the door.”

“He rubbed his hairy thigh and asked, ‘Why?’ He got up and started walking towards the kitchen. ‘Will you have something?’

A fan and a rope. ‘Nothing,’ I said.”

“You… you sleepster,” I shouted into the phone. It was just 1.30 a.m. and this guy wanted to sleep when his best friend was about to weep.”

          “Damsels and dramatics go hand in hand.”

“Listen Sumber, I am not fucking mad that I have been calling you like a fucking… a fucking… a fucking….’

‘Chocolate,’ Megha added from behind and I repeated without thinking what I was saying. ‘Sorry,’ Megha held her ears as I shot her a dirty look.”

The book cover & the title
The title is very apt given the plot of the novel. The book cover isn’t enticing but works. 

My rating 5/5
I strongly recommend this book for all the adults who were once a teenager. A quick, humorous read for sure! 

About the author 

Author Samrit Shahi
Sumrit Shahi, a twenty-four-years-old, is one of the youngest bestselling authors in the country. He wrote his first novel at the age of seventeen which became a bestseller, followed by his other novels, Never Kiss Your Best Friend and A Lot Like Love… A Li’l Like Chocolate. 

Sumrit is also a screenwriter and has written for six-youth based shows including Sadda Haq: My Life, My Choice on Channel V India. He has won many awards and has been listed Top 30 under 30 young achievers in the country by Hindustan Times, terming him as a ‘Writing Rockstar Of The Young.’

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