Thursday, December 31, 2015

After a long time I wrote poetry

After a long time, my words weaved a poetry and I hope you'll like so! you can also check one of the old poetries of mine! Till then enjoy!

Lots of love, 
Sheetal Aka Sheena 

I need you

Those were the days when you used to cuddle me and my teddy remained alone in the shelf but now I cry a lot and hug a teddy remembering you!

We hugged, kissed and walked hand in hand, but now I walk alone and cross the busy roads where I feel empty!

My toast get burnt and coffee becomes bitter as my mind wanders somewhere,
my mom asks where m I and I don’t have answer!

My friends keep giggling during the movie scene, but my heart weeps bitterly from inside. Where did I leave my smile?

broken heart.jpg
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I take flights by my own. I accomplish my work and come home.
My festivals are dried and my selfies are blurred. Where m I going dude?

Do you have answer for these? Movie tickets are torn and my tears have gone, but my heart remained aching and my fears keep shaking!

I know some day I’ll get married, but do you think I will be loving?

Compromise and adjustment, the heavy words will support my life, but m I wrong if I say ‘I need you’ for my whole life?  

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Reflection of my thoughts

They say, everything is fair in love and war. And my life, I feel it’s a war and I am in love with my own life.

                My heart is broken and torn and people think that I am still seeing someone…. When people can’t see my pain but they can imagine things about my life like anything. Be it in my office or anywhere, thanks to God that he made me this way that people keep making perceptions about me and keep  making me popular… even though they don’t know the real in me and they want me to be little talkative and bold. Why to do so?

                I love the way I enjoy myself in music (that’s what the Capricorns are made) I love the way enjoy partying and dancing and late-night outings, I love shopping at all time… I love the way I look myself… sometimes I just like to flow with whatever comes in my life!

I love being aloof and lonely… but sometimes I love attention… but I am not the one who can do anything just to grab attention.

I love my independence; I love myself the way I am. God gave me obstacles throughout my life but I loved the way I struggle to get over it.

I don’t talk much, I don’t laugh much but once I start I can’t stop myself. I do lots of masti with my close friends … I love late-night watching movies and doing experiment with my cooking. I love to be with my friends and family… I love to play with my niece and small children. That’s the way Capricorns shyly express their naughtiness and just like other normal human being I do cry in the night! 

I love to experiment with my life, being the youngest one in my family I am the most problematic child of my parents but I love to keep challenging myself and I am really thankful to my God that initial stages of my life when I was so young – as a 12yrs old innocent and playful child, He made my life so tough that I became strong yet emotional throughout all these years. Nobody knows you well until you know yourself very well.

People think that I have an attitude, it shows on my face…… yes I have an attitude, so what? WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM, GUYS? I love to throw it, but I am not a spoilt child...

I am dusky but cute you know and yes evergreen young that’s what Capricorns are known for. I love to dance on my favourite tunes... I guess, I get serious face when it comes to work... and people say I am very restricted and silent. But this is I am and you will have to accept me as I am!

                Nobody knows when I start enjoying, I enjoy and when I am serious…. I am serious. When I say no its no only and when I say yes … its yes. When I will do that means I am going to do that thing no matter what will happen or how much time it will take

I do what I want, I aim for what I want, I challenge myself whenever I want and I follow what I have been told…. That what true Capricorns do. What do I do, that’s the way God has made me.  That’s me… I am what I am …!!!


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Take me to the home tonight


I hope you all are doing fine. In the ocean of work I'm almost drowning and still trying to dive in it so that I could get some time and jot down my words. So I plotted yet another love story, and hope you would once again love it. 

Till then, keep reading, 

Lots of love and kisses, 

Take me to the home tonight

Day 28, Feb (Year 2008)

We started dating each other. He was loving, caring and understanding man I ever dated in my life. The table was booked for two of us. After a hearty candle-light dinner, we indulged in a casual talk. Out of a sudden, he got up from his chair and bent down on his knees. He proposed me. Oh yes, I said big yes to him and whispered, “take me to the home tonight”!

We went to his flat and he took me to his bedroom. As we were moving to our love making session, the rose petals under us were crushing gently.

Day 2, January 2009
After one year of dating, we got married. Every night he would pick me in his arms and would take to the bed sometimes to make love, sometimes to cajole me, sometimes to pamper me and sometimes it was just chit-chat that would go for hours. He used to take me in his arms just like a child and would shower lots of love and care on me.

Day 28th, Nov 2009
My labor pains started and so once again my husband took me in his arms, lifted me up and put me in the car while I was wailing in pain. He drove as fast as he could and yes, I was still in my husband’s arms and landed up on the hospital bed.

I gave a birth to a lovely baby girl. That was the happiest and proudest moment in our life.

Day 17th, Sep 2013
4 years of marriage my baby was grown to 3 and half-year-old girl wise enough to understand whether I was in pain or not. I could not gather the courage to see my reflection in the mirror nor I had the energy to get up and do anything by my own. I was diagnosed with cancer and it was wreaking havoc on my body.

Lying on that typical white bed sheet of the hospital uselessly became a daily routine of me. The doctors lost hopes and they couldn’t do anything further as it was the last stage of cancer as well as last few days of my life.

My husband would come daily in the hospital and would stay by my side all night. Whenever required he would pick me in his arms, do the cleaning of mine and many other things. He would try his best to make me comfortable as much as possible. I was bald, shattered, and lethargic and my life became aimless but still a hope would lurk in my eyes whenever I used to see my husband.

I was tired of everything and wanted to go home, relax, live life peacefully. I stared out of the window; I saw a full moon and the stars. My husband came to say goodnight and he kissed my forehead. I signaled him to come near me as much as he could and that night I whispered in his ears, “take me to the home, tonight” and I closed my eyes!

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