Sunday, September 13, 2015

Password protected

Password protected

A loud bang! Her car was badly dashed by someone. People quickly flocked around the scene. The girl was lying unconscious and a pool of blood was flowing. Soon the ambulance siren warned people to make a way for it. She was taken to the hospital.

The guy, whose car was dashed against hers, did every possible thing in this scenario to help this girl. Many witnesses were murmuring at the spot of accident that the girl was speaking on the phone and was driving a car. The guy was in no mood to discuss or comment something on this. He was also badly bruised and injured but all he could think that the girl should be saved because he knew she was in a terrible condition.

Both were admitted in the hospital.

She was kept in ICU while doctors and nurses were in a rush as girl’s condition began to worse. Meanwhile even though the guy was injured and had bruises on most of his body, he wanted to contact somehow her family so that it could comfort the situation in a better manner.

After one hour or so, the police entered in the scene and questioned many people including the guy. The guy was genuine and he did his best to admit the girl as well as get himself treated. He explained everything to the police. Even some witnesses gave their details of the incident.

Police went to see the girl in the ICU cabin.

She was kept on ventilator and a team of doctors were monitoring her condition. Mr. Rao, a senior inspector questioned some more people so that he could make a detailed report of the incident.
48 hours were already passed to this incident, but still hospital authorities were unable to trace her family information. Police recovered her mobile phone but could not found her wallet or anything. All they could find is the car keys and mobile phone. The mobile phone was password protected.
It was third day and the girl was still in a bad condition but she came into her consciousness. However, the accident was so brutal that she yet to recover her speech. Mr. Rao and his team once again came for questioning. Senior doctor Mr. Ashok Hinduja informed Mr. Rao that the girl has come into consciousness.

They entered in her room. Her eyes were open but her entire body was in a shock. Senior inspector Mr. Rao tried to speak with her with a sign language. He held her recovered mobile phone in front of her eyes and was trying to fetch the password so that they can get home contacts and could inform her family.

Doctors said to Mr. Rao that the girl’s condition is worsening and they fear that the girl might die. But it was very important for the police to get the story from her side and inform her family. Every minute was precious. The girl could not speak any word but after 5 minutes of struggle she raised her hand and was pointing towards her mobile phone as if even she was trying to tell the password.  
Nobody knows what happened suddenly but the girl’s hand collapsed on the bed and her breathing stopped. Doctors and nurses rushed towards her. They tried to revive her but their efforts went futile.
She was dead!

Today’s technology can give password protection to your mobile phone but what about your life? 


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