Saturday, March 25, 2017

Sweek – A mobile Publishing platform for aspiring authors cum Sweekers (App Review)

They say Everyone has a story to tell but all don’t get a chance to tell their story to Everyone. Do they? If you love books, enjoy reading short stories & aspire to become a published author, you’re just one app away! After all, we are living in mobile revolution century and nothing is better than a mobile-friendly app. 

I recently came across this well-established & already very popular app amidst 90 countries ‘Sweek’. I explored further and I realized this Sweek mobile publishing platform is a gem for aspiring authors to build their fan base online first before they take a big leap. Here’s what I explored about ‘Sweek’ mobile app:

What is Sweek?
Sweek is an open platform to read, write & share your stories with the world. Whether you’re an aspiring author or share a similar passion with others, this platform is absolutely for yours. Sweek allows you to publish your stories chapter wise for free and it is a key that connects to the several parts of the world. The app is real gem where you can read stories from the writers who are sharing stories from almost every part of the world. 

Sweek is now planning to expand its wings & trying to reach out to Indian readers. Many Indian writers have already signed up for but it’s time for you to know more about this platform.

The product 

Sweek Dashboard
An Android app with extremely user-friendly interface makes your download smooth & easy. All you need to do is to download the app on your mobile or sign up for its Desktop version in order to start publishing stories. The well-designed menu bar allows you to explore stories from the world. Publish your own stories in an instant or even going offline. 

The app enables you to link your stories with other platforms or sites. The statistics shows the performance of your published story. Moreover, the platform is extremely good as it gives an opportunity to build a loyal fan base before trying out your hand as a published author.

The app is very compatible with Android as well as Apple users. It can be accessed from your smartphone, tablet or computer.
The app is as easy as learning ABC.

The Author in You
Social media & apps have become an inseparable part of any marketing strategy in today’s date. If you’re looking to publish your book in future, you may want to first build a good amount of fan base online. Make Sweek as a part of your marketing strategy. Using your online fan base on Sweek can help you popularize your book in the market.

The Reader in You
Today’s fast paced life doesn’t leave much time to read long stuff, but Sweek can keep you in touch with the treasure like short stories. As you check your emails on the go, you now have access to read short stories while you travel or have coffee. Keep the reader alive in you by downloading Sweek right away.


My Experience
The moment I signed up for Sweek I ended up reading more than thirty stories in a week. Moreover, I found it very easy to publish stories right from the app by writing title & description. The app gives you a feeling similar to that as if you’re publishing your own e-book that too without any cost involved. 

I found it that it is a very good practice as Sweek allows you to create Table of Contents followed by adding stories chapter wise. You’re just one click away to publish your story & from that moment you can start sharing your stories with your friends & family members. 

Their special feature like ‘My Library’ allows you to save your favorite stories. You can read your favorite authors’ stories anytime during the day & even during offline.
Not to Miss This Part
Sweek promotes your stories on their different media channels. Featured stories remain on top followed by Popular stories. Sweek team has also categorized sections like Unfindables & Classics. Also, you don’t have to worry about engagement rate since the app has its presence in almost 40 different languages. 

“This is the only app that announce competitions every month to give you additional popularity & boost your moral support as a writer. “

Rating – 4.5

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