Saturday, November 5, 2016

Dear Zindagi

Dear Zindagi, 

Today, I have taken time off only to appreciate the value of you as I continue to inhale life in me. While you may wonder why I am so generous today to think about you; however, strange as it may sound I have genuine intention to appreciate you today in many ways. You may think most people rant about you when every move goes wrong as you shift your side but there are equal numbers of times when you give the time for rejoice & reminisce good things. 

Dear Zindagi, you have always been surprising and exciting with unexpected twists and turns. If you wouldn’t have been uncertain in nature, our life would have become too predictable dragging to boredom. It’s the zeal of life which keeps us entertained. It’s the unpredictability that makes us wonder your next move. We are always eager to wake up next morning as the life ahead us waiting to unfold surprises. 

Yes, there are times when people break down and do not wish to see the next morning’s sun. Your relation with us is like a pickle in plate. If we miss the spice of life, you’re tended to become boring, aimless and directionless. On the other hand, we too fail to appreciate you or understand the value of you. That’s you tie us with things and thoughts; with relations and rewards. These things give us hope that no matter what the life should go on. 

You come with sorrow & joy and expected and unexpected. You come with sad tides with happy highs. You come with dreams, hopes and more life. Sometimes you seem relaxed but come with haste and zest for life. It wouldn’t be wrong if I say you’re mischievous in nature.  

As children, we always used to wonder what we are going to be once grown up. Today, when I look back if the life would have been so easier, then the game of guessing would have been proven a spoilsport.  

My dear Zindagi, how much I feel heartfelt gratitude towards you as you continue to teach unforgotten lessons. Once taught, never forgotten is the method of your learning. Whatever I have learnt for past many years, I am tended to share with the future generations to come. Dear Zindagi, the kind of experience I get with you is going to be with me for lifetime as you’re my inseparable part. 

With each passing day there is so much to learn from you. No matter how broken or torn I am; it is you who keeps me going. I savor every moment of you as I learn great lessons of life and the more I learn, the more I appreciate you. 

These lessons are in turn improves the quality of my life. Hence, it’s you, dear Zindagi that I am obliged to you million times for giving me this valuable piece called ‘Zindagi’. 

You are meant for me but you’re also meant for my loved ones. It’s because I continue to live life as I want to be closer to them. You meant lot of things to me but my words will fall short. 

As I am writing this letter to you as I want to remind you that how much I appreciate or value you. In conclusion, I want to stress on these words of mine that Dear Zindagi, you’re truly dearest to me!

“I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda”.

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