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An Exclusive Interview with Author Manav Vigg

So have you all read Confused Bastards? Our author Manav Vigg certainly has a great faith in confusions. He believes that if you’re confused, it means your brain is working absolutely fine and these confusions in life can lead you to a self-exploration journey. 

We have this wonderful story by Manav Vigg and now it is time to know our talented author. His journey as an author, his life, his confusions, his side of story and yes, valuable tips to all of us to become a good writer.
So are you ready to know him better? Here’s an exclusive interview of Author Mr. Manav Vigg:

Author Manav Vigg

Q 1: Tell our readers about your background & how did you get into writing? 
Well, I explored becoming a Doctor for family’s sake, completed Chartered Accountancy for money’s sake, became a corporate robot for swanky office’s sake, but it all ended up becoming a long dissatisfied journey.

An entrance exam for an advertising institute which I cracked accidentally made me realize that I have a flair for writing. But that was long back after college. Over a period of time the urge to tell my stories increased. The constant need to find my true identity coupled with the importance of stories in the lives of people made me take up writing. And once I did take up writing, I could never leave it. The excitement, the adventure and the fun to live different characters and evolve stories is pure exhilaration.

Q 2: Which writers inspire you for writing? 
Paulo Coelho

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Q 3: As a child, which books or fictional characters fascinated you the most? 
I was mostly inspired by adventure stories and comics. The Alchemist became the best adventure story ever read by me.

Q 4: Where do you get ideas or inspiration for your writing?
People around me from everyday lives intrigue me. I want to tell stories about how India has changed since globalization. That probably has been the biggest event or so called twist in the story of India since I have been born and I want to tell stories about it.

Q 5: What genre you enjoy the most while writing short stories? 
I haven’t attempted a short story yet.
Q 6: What was the inspiration behind your recent book?
Confusions and Influences! We get constantly influenced by the people around us. But I believe confusion is good. Confusion means that you are still alive, that your brain is working and that you have options to choose from. Confusion helps you explore, it makes you sharp, and you go through your choices and evaluate them. It’s healthy to be confused and that’s what Confused Bastards portrays.

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Q 7: What does your family think of writing?
My family and friends were very supportive about it. But, of course they had their doubts. It was only when they read the novel they got satisfied that he knows his job.

Q 8: Can we expect your next writing stint & if yes, what & when?
I am currently working on my next novel. You can expect it somewhere in 2018.

Q 9: Lastly, what writing tips you’d like to give to upcoming writers?  
Keep Writing! Human-beings have an insatiable hunger for good stories and I believe that sooner or later every good story finds its way to the people who can consume and relish it.

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