Sunday, June 19, 2016

When dad shed a silent tear! (Happy Father's Day Special Short Story)

He pulled out an old album from the shelf. It had dust all over it. He carefully dusted it off and flipped the cover of it. On the first page of it stated boldly ‘Avanti Weds Kumar’. He flipped another page of it and a number of memories ran through his mind….

He held his doting daughter in his arms and his wife smiled at him. He was the father of that tiny joy of bundle. He was very happy about having his first child and it did not bother him at all whether she was a girl child. All he knew that he became a father.

Avanti started her first footsteps and he would record everything which was related to his daughter. He would buckle her shoes and would drop her to the school. Slowly and gradually his daughter was growing and she left the delicate years of her life behind and became a teenager. His unconditional love never changed throughout all these years but his daughter was certainly growing through major changes in her life.

She was no longer a teenager but reached to the marriageable age. He silently fulfilled all the responsibilities bringing the best of world to his daughter.
He fixed Avanti’s marriage to one of the relatives’ son. Everything was going smoothly until one day her would-be in-laws demanded 10 lakhs as a dowry. For the first time in his life he felt completely helpless and the tear rolled down to his cheek.

He was standing as if in a shock. He came to the senses when he realized Parvati’s (his wife) hand on his shoulder. He explained the plight and they both cried in each other arms unaware of the fact that Avanti was listening to their entire conversation.

Next morning Avanti stepped out of the house. She came to home in the afternoon and handed over a printed wedding card to her dad’s hand. He was surprised to see the name printed on the front page of the wedding card. It said ‘Avanti Weds Kumar’. She then explained the whole story that her best friend Kumar was secretly in love with her but could not gather courage. Today morning when she met him and told him about the dowry thing, he immediately proposed her. She also told to her father that it was his idea to quickly print the wedding card.

Avanti’s dad was speechless by the pleasant surprise and both embraced each other. Finally, his daughter made the whole burden feel like feather-weighted. The big day arrived and Avanti got married.

At Avanti’s house….

Avanti opened her wedding album. After turning some pages she was stuck on one image and kept staring at it. It was her father taking her in his arms. She realized how much her father had shed silent tears while bringing her up and giving her best of everything. At this moment, she was glad that she heard one of the heaviest silent tears of her dad!

Her dearest dad who gave the best of the world while he shed a silent tear!

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