Saturday, May 14, 2016

Lost touch with time

Lost in time 

Recently I was reading this novel called ‘A place called here’ by Celelia Ahern. The main character named as Sandy Shortt has been wandering why things or persons go missing and as she grew up it becomes her mission to find out missing persons. She shares her childhood memories with her readers when her favorite pair of socks goes missing. She turns her entire home upside down to find her missing sock but she never gets it back. This simple scene explains the mental trauma she has been facing against missing things.

When I was reading this novel I could realize her pain when things go missing or once beloved person never come back in life. We as children to till grown adults we build many memories. Some are sad, some bring smile on our face. 

Memories are special feelings because we know if something or someone get missing we can’t get back with them and so are the memories leave behind.

I have been lucky enough that I have not lost many things but it aches my heart whenever I look behind the time that I've lost…

lost girl.jpg
Whenever I look behind the time that I've lost...

I don’t know why I have always been very conscious about the time wheel. The time is the most precious thing in the world and I have been the unluckiest one to losing touch with time. During my collage years, I was that person who was introvert; shy, no confident and dumbass yet studious student who always wanted to enjoy the life at the fullest. I always used to dream about performing on the stage; wandering with a gang of boys; competing and participating in as many competitions as I could such as dance, music or any creative arts and many more those typical teeny-weeny dreams. But what held me back was my poor confidence, my shyness and my entire schooling in girl’s school that hampered me very badly in my teen years.

I was in my last year of bachelor’s degree and we were practising for an act play where I was positioned as a main lead in the act. I was very thrilled and excited to perform on the stage since it was one of my dreams.

Days were passing like thin air and in the month of October my operation was scheduled for osteoporosis. The operation was absolutely mandatory and I couldn’t postpone as well nor did I want to back out from the drama act. However, life puts in a situation either-or that we have to choose one option and rule out others. From month of October I stopped going to college and that’s how I missed the golden time of the year. The last year of the college!

Many teenagers like me take resolution in their last year of college that they would enjoy the last year and spend as much time as they could with their friends and gather memories for lifetime. I missed that time. During that period I studied from home while my other friends enjoyed the last few months of the graduation.

After 5 months of my treatment when I stepped out of my house and entered my college premises, it was empty. The gossiping chirping was silenced; the annual days were already passed; the celebratory air was gone and everyone was busy giving exams.

I missed that time terribly. That time I realized I lost the touch with the time I always waited for all these years. That time which was ticked away long back and I was still stuck in a present moment holding the memories of lost time!

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